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Kelly Osbourne - Come Dig Me Out
They wanted me To be the dream But my mood went south And I'm stuck on the couch with bad jeans And the couch sucks me down to the floor And the floor sucks me down to the earth And I'm covered and
Kelly Osbourne - Contradiction
When I see you I forget all that I saw I don't feel you anymore Oh I need you But I don't need nothing at all But you kiss That I don't miss And you smile That I defile And oh your touch It tick
Kelly Osbourne - Coolhead
I'll keep a cool head 'Bout all the things that you said I've lost my innocence I'll keep a cool head I'm not here for you amusement But I think one thing is clear I see you with that bitch When you
Kelly Osbourne - Disconnected
Beat it boy I found another He knows me just like my mother My tempremental sides The reasons I dispised Loving you So hows it feel to be hung out there To be the one who doesnt know where everythi
Kelly Osbourne - More Than Life Itself
You never said you were perfect, but you always are to me. Loving you was always worth it, cause You see so much in me. And when I'm down, you're there to lift me. You come around, when I need a fr
Kelly Osbourne - On The Run
Don't look for us 'Cos we won't be found Don't blame yourself When we turn you down Whatever you do Don't believe That it's about you My head's on the run And it's running for us I've only begun
Kelly Osbourne - On Your Own
Some people Think they know what I should do Well they don't really know What I've been through And I don't care Don't care what you have to say 'Cause it's my life And I'll do as I may When I find
Kelly Osbourne - Right Here
You don't ever wanna see my face again But inside you know that it's never gonna end Bitter memories tell me You can't help yourself For hurting me again But I can rationalize You're different 'Cos
Kelly Osbourne - Shut Up
You say, I should do it differently. I don't, Necessarily agree. Stand up! Sit down! Be nice! Did ya hear me ask for your advice? Don't bother, Trying to tell me your beliefs. your point of view
Kelly Osbourne - Too Much Of You
What Can I say You got me good Swallow me up, Spit me out Like you should What can I do, But play the game And wait around for you to come, you never do. So I save for this Keep Imagining a


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