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Karen Lehner - Circus Man
Ladies I require your attention Before you step into his parlor like a fly Your sweet innocence has filled me with a cold apprehension I don't want to hear your heart break and cry If you can learn fr
Karen Lehner - Hands
It is morning now And he is there beside you But it's different somehow Was last night a big mistake But his eyes were so Kind of Heaven like And he was better than he could ever be And his hands 1
Karen Lehner - Made To Order
Doe-eyed, delicious Sated and vicious Classic and trendy Versace'd and Fendi'd Petite , so tall Lion -maned, bald Matted, dewy Hard tack and chewy There's a girl on the corner I saw in the mirror
Karen Lehner - Manifest Destiny
She wants you She needs you She will never let it show And even though she'd die for you She will never let you know And the way that she wants Is the way that she wants And she can't give it away
Karen Lehner - Nothing Personal
Once upon a summer's dream You and I were walking oh so sweetly Love was stronger than your fear seemed to be ah ha Hand in hand you walked me home Spent the night We kissed goodbye at morning I wai
Karen Lehner - Two Feet Firmly Off The Ground
written by Karen Lehner produced by Joel Bell I have scars would break your heart Seen others so much worse Been the bottom of the list When I needed to be first But still I keep believing In the go
Karen Lehner - Vincent
Vincent came to my window He watched me as I undressed I could tell he liked what he saw Yeah, he was impressed A little while later There's a knock on my door Found a bouquet of roses Wrapped in si
Karen Lehner - Where Were You
Maybe the sun will rise at midnight And maybe the moon will fall in the sea And maybe the stars will burn out like candles And maybe you'll keep your promise to me I wasn't looking for all your tomorro


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