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Kardinall Offishall - BaKardi Slang
[Kardinall Offishall] Yo Yo Silver turn it up, yeah We gonna put you on to something brand new yo Know what I mean Yo We don't say 'you know what I'm sayin' T dot says 'ya dun know' We don't say 'h
Kardinall Offishall - Breakdown (Keep Moving) (featuring Denosh)
[Kardinal Offishall] I just started, just finished Lyrics complete the circle of a rap singer Combine with feeling mean and plus a reason And to rock it for the season And niggas on the lookout Take
Kardinall Offishall - Da Brown
INTRO [Kardinal Offishall] Yo yo, this is me (what's going on Kardinal?) Yo, here the other day I was walking on the E-W right (uh huh) A crew man come up to me (yo) Talking, talking the... you know
Kardinall Offishall - Friday Night
It's why I look baby Sup potna, you know the sauve dogs up on this joint Through with the talkin but we all steady prepared in our circle for conversation Many things, sauve and butter This FOS type th
Kardinall Offishall - Go Ahead Den
[Kardinal Offishall] Alright Yo, I'm bust I'mma kill it, I'mma kill it Here we go here we go Yo My flow is like a cock block for your whole label street team My verse is like a hearse for your marke
Kardinall Offishall - Gotta Get It (featuring Saukrates)
INTRO [Kardinal Offishall] It's a Kardi Kardi party, what! What, yeah Yo this be the Kardi Kardi party, what! [Saukrates] Anybody coming through here, gotta expect The hottest, hottest, hottest hotte
Kardinall Offishall - King Of The Hill (featuring Tara Chase)
INTRO [Kardinal Offishall] Murderer, yeah Kardinal Offishall, yeah FOS crew, yeah The Circle, yeah Capitol Hill, yeah yeah This is how it go, on and on To the like break of wha what! Yeah yeah, che
Kardinall Offishall - LoLo
[Kardinal Offishall] {Circle crew} In the year 1997, Figure of Speech brought to you Kardinal Offishall We going to do it like.. Yeah, okay now all my niggas in the back My niggas in the front, girlie
Kardinall Offishall - Man By Choice
INTRO [Kardinal Offishall] He's got the green timbs with the fat laces, hahaha Yo, yeah, uh huh Checking in, nigga You say why I call you nigga, think about it You went from what... From an African,
Kardinall Offishall - Maxine (featuring Saukrates)
[Kardinal Offishall] Wha wha wha what Yo yo yo yo Sit me down Mr. Kardinal Kardinal Offishall, number one bad bwoy heheheh Yeah, yeah It's all about this girl, ya know, drive de man crazy Going out
Kardinall Offishall - Mic T H U G S
INTRO [Kardinal Offishall] Yeah Turn my headphones up Yeah, yeah yeah Yeah, feeling kind of sick though Yeah, now I'mma kick this Uh huh, uh huh uh huh DJs, cut this back to back Word, Circle Silv
Kardinall Offishall - My Niah (featuring L J )
INTRO [Kardinal Offishall] {L.J.} Where your girl at? Where she at? Yeah yeah, grab her Grab dat, let's do this, let's do this Do this Uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh {Baby darling} yeah yeah Uh
Kardinall Offishall - Mysteries (featuring Saukrates)
INTRO [Kardinal Offishall] {Saukrates} Yo Yo Sauks {Yo what man, what up?} Last night man, last night I was out by this club, yo This man talking to me outside telling me how much he axe inside my ear
Kardinall Offishall - On Wid Da Show
It was a cool and lonely Offishall style that coerced her to smile Chalk another to the file Quest for breasts, my intent to impress the mistress So cess broke the ice like Gretzky I told she give me
Kardinall Offishall - PWOT (featuring Afrolistics)
[Kardinal Offishall] Offishall (right) Nappy heads true to the words aristocrate (true) Brother function with an automatic slang Yang makes the ying, we slang rhyme banging off the walls Like Brooklyn
Kardinall Offishall - Quest For Fire (featuring Solitair)
[Kardinal Offishall] Yes I see how you are smiling in my face you know what I'm saying Settin' fire to my back, I see that you know what I mean I love it though, I love it, you know what I'm saying My


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