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Kandi - Easier
Duet with Faith Evans [Kandi] This song is dedicated to my brother Patrick O'Dell Reilly Ooh Oh oh, ooh I was in misery without you I could not imagine life without you It was such a painful thing
Kandi - Hey Kandi
I'm feeling this brother like um Like a big fat person likes their tums Like hot crispy crèmes, everybody want some Like Sisqo is feeling girls in thongs I been feeling this brother like um Like, lik
Kandi - I Wanna Know
1 - If you got kids back home, I wanna know If you don't, I wanna know If you're straight or you ain't, I wanna know If you're broke, I wanna know I wanna know, I wanna know, I wanna know I wanna know
Kandi - Just So You Know
I just grow weaker as the days go by I cry so much there's no reason to wipe my eyes Way down deep inside my mind I still deny that I must say good-bye To the one I thought would always be mine Now I
Kandi - Pants On Fire
[Intro] Heh, I was over at the studio when I got your page Said you need to talk to me So I'm here, what's up Eeny-meeny-miney-moe Caught your ass right by your toe Hanging out with some H-O Thought
Kandi - Sucka For You
-1- I was a sucka for you so crazy in love with you but I'll be damned if I do nothin else you want me to do cuz I got played for a fool and you know that wasnt cool you made it harder for the broth


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