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Kamelot - A Feast For The Vain
Mephisto: Everyone is here The feast can soon begin Vanity we celebrate My favourite of sins Ariel: Chendeliers so grand That heaven sees the shine And my friend declares Everything I look at coul
Kamelot - Across The Highlands
I've been witness to so many wars that I'm blind to affliction no ability left to remorse it's my faith and conviction wide awake in this world full of hate I unfurl but I am damned if life its
Kamelot - Alexandria
far across the sea a piece of history in Egypt's land I'll build a city beautiful and strong beyond belief a new metropolis to redefine my destiny rise and shine Alexandria under protection of my
Kamelot - Black Tower
O Black Tower unleash your power? What makes men run and hide I've foreseen evil in the Dead of the night As the demons they dance in my mind Telling tales of horror And the splendor of their torture
Kamelot - Call Of The Sea
Endless alone lost at sea It's a never ending chore to Keep my head above these waters I've never feared before The sun has taken its toll The salt runs in my veins I've never feared before these Wa
Kamelot - Center Of The Universe
Move slowly Beyond the colors of my eyes Move slowly Into the corners of my mind Rising like the Pegasus Each and every one of us Released Islands in the sea of dreams Always searching harmony And
Kamelot - Crossing Two Rivers
Crossing Two Rivers And Fields In The Dark He Is In Love Enslaved By The Heart She Waits By The Window For The First Sight Of Her Love She Hopes And Prays That Nothing Will Keep Their Love Apart Two
Kamelot - Desert Reign
came across the waters a kingdom in the sands unfaithful to the sultan a killing was at hand challenged to survival a legacy of fear eternal mystic legends one for every tear nights of Arabia the
Kamelot - Elizabeth I Mirror Mirror
mirror can you tell me how to stay forever young let me know the secret I will hold my twisted tongue please protect my beauty velvet skin so pure and white hear my name resounding like a hymn
Kamelot - Elizabeth II Requiem For The Innocent
Mother, can you hold me one more time again? Whisper I still love you in my ear Mother, did you lie? Would you tell me why? There is something deeper that I fear Justify the malice I portray Daggers
Kamelot - Elizabeth III Fall From Grace
breathe in deep smell these halls of hate carve your name into these walls before it is too late cold and twisted they resisted what was I to do all I ever wanted was a fraction of the truth
Kamelot - Farewell
Winter's close...and the mountain high I'll start my journey now On this planet we call Earth we belong I want to know Why did God make me feel There is more to be answered Maybe God cannot remedy O
Kamelot - Fire Within
Take a look into the crystal Take a look at what the Future may bring All around you is darkness As your shattered soul screams As I stand before the crystal See my life pass before me Stand up st
Kamelot - Forever
there's a pain within that I can't define there's an empty space where your love used to shine from the night we met till the day you died do you think I wished do you still believe I tried all to
Kamelot - Interlude III (At The Banquet)
[ARIEL:] His invitation was clear I shut my eyes...and now I'm here [MASTER OF CEREMONIES:] Please make way, our host is making his entree
Kamelot - Interlude IV (Dawn)
[TOWN CRIER:] Hear ye hear ye! The lady Helena has committed a sin. Now death lies on her, like an untimely frost upon the sweetest flower of all the field...
Kamelot - Intro
[Live] in the black of the night she appears I can see that she's trying to relocate the source of my fears I've been searching her high and low in this dream she will show me the door to a new revel
Kamelot - Irea
I had to climb the highest mountain I was on my own And i had to walk through fire and rain In my search for you I will search for you I had to sail the seven seas Into no mans land And I found
Kamelot - Karma
I am a king of honor gold and glory but every king must also die have I been just and righteous what is glory I know I've torn and taken life and here I stand a small and simple man who will trade
Kamelot - Lunar Sanctum
little do I know little do I care little would it help if knew and was aware aim beyond the stars catch a glimpse of gold a planetary chart where the stories are untold there's a piece of truth for
Kamelot - Millennium
I look into the black horizon The more i see the more i know I try to justify the wars won But that won't satisfy my soul I hold the future in my hand But i could easily destroy I see the footprin
Kamelot - Nights Of Arabia
came across the waters a kingdom in the sands unfaithful to the sultan a killing was at hand challenged to survival a legacy of fear eternal mystic legends one for every tear nights of Arabia the
Kamelot - On The Coldest Winter Night
I am breathless Need I say How could you find me here You, of all have crossed my way Unexpectedly... from where I feel like I am dreaming Hold me close Tomorrow may be gone This is a moment Of be
Kamelot - Providence
Here - I stand before you all This body's been beaten and battered But I will not fall Time - It may change me As i look back upon this cold life I see nothing but misery Push me:Pull me: I w
Kamelot - Red Sands
shrill of the horn screams my name pounding the ground the games begin the crowd they roar the blood it boils inside me i fear not you you fear not me the swords are drawn and shimmering the time h
Kamelot - Regalis Apertura
Kamelot - Rhydin
I saw your shadow disappear Outside my door today Now i'm left here lost and alone I light a candle in your name An eternal burning flame Shining like the sun to find your way home Cold tide tower m
Kamelot - Silent Goddess
I rest my eyes on the open field a silver line to heavens gate my mind is blank it's a state I know a sacred place where all I see is hate I raise my head to retain my wrath the savage force tha
Kamelot - Snow
I never count on yesterday Beause the past can also change I'll never give myself away Life is worthwhile on the edge Words sound so hollow in the cold Maybe she's forgotten all I don't remember how
Kamelot - Temples Of Gold
I see you when it snows in crystals dancing down from a sultry sky when silence is pure and unbreakable I can see you smiling in every frozen tear I can hear you whisper You and I? little did we kn
Kamelot - The Fourth Legacy
settle for the journey sail across the seven seas carried by the spirit of the brave join the New Allegiance now and pledge your sacred heart a history that no one can forsake flying like an eagle fr
Kamelot - The Gleeman
My entrance purely pleasure For your riches I ask you not For I am the gleeman Who loves to sing And strike upon my golden harp So I bow before you o mighty king In the hopes you hear my song These
Kamelot - The Inquisitor
I am a cleric serving god the king and queen I claim confession and true belief by any means purification heal heretics burn the demons out and god's behind me watch my each and every move you know
Kamelot - The Light I Shine On You
yet a day is dawning I am sad but also strong this gift that I've been given tells me where I do belong falling I'm falling down and you recall my strength time will slowly pull me under but you wi
Kamelot - The Mourning After
I just had a dream She was by the riverside Alone and dressed in white Paling in the cold Walking on the icey face On memories of glory days Carry on, carry on Meet me on the other side Once the mo
Kamelot - The Shadow Of Uther
due to the legend a new king will come rise in the morning horizon brave and believing for wars to be won born with the heart of a lion he will fight for a country unite till the last drop of blood
Kamelot - The Spell
where has all the magic gone lost behind or lost along a victim of the pulse of our society don't you miss the ancient times the riddles and the subtle signs a relative perspective on reality I get
Kamelot - Until Kingdom Come
in the black of the night she appears I can see that she's trying to relocate the source of my fears I've been searching her high and low in this dream she will show me the door to a new revelation a
Kamelot - Wander
I recall one summer's night Within the month of June Flowers in mahogany hair And smell the earth in bloom Only such a melody Comes without a sound More than faintly heard by those Who know what the
Kamelot - We Three Kings


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