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Kalmah - Alteration
With outspread wings eyes wide open glides osprey Wounded by a gun never fired - humanity Twisted form genotype inside - lethal decease From generation to others will occur World in its forms is dying
Kalmah - Bird Of Ill Omen
Thoughts of hope in the minds of those whose Lives are on decline A thousand lies told them with bright eyes And believed without doubts of employment Now it's time to think very positive Deny all the
Kalmah - Black Roija
Morality - the sickest thought Of a weeping lust waiting the revival Fear inside you of a painful nausea It bites your weak soul to suffocate the fire Reach out over hopeless distance - extinguish Fee
Kalmah - Cloned Insanity
You take a frog's eye and give it to a man Pleased with your cyborg proudly you stand This glorious madness that is not in gods hands Makes you believe you're all powerful This inhumane robot Becomes
Kalmah - Dance Of The Water
Water in eternal movement Circling day after day Above the surface in wind's face Is the end cruelly grimaced On the water, water lily's leaf Is rolling on the stream Beside the bluff there she dance
Kalmah - Doubtful About It All
Things move when I'm not watching them They have their own will And I don't even feel insane Because I know I'm ill I know there is an eye and I'm under observation I am a marked man got some informat
Kalmah - Evil In You
The time is right you and I We will fight the final battle Gone away the bond of passion Death of faith, left aggression We sworn the oath, now it is broken Gone away with deception I'll root out the
Kalmah - Hades
Holding the candle in my arms I'm kneeling down to the altar Waiting the call from my master Soon will weight my soul In the final scale I see my remains Red dying flower the pan falls down I see Anu
Kalmah - Heritance Of Berija
Land of mighty and glory Reality behind the iron curtain Waves - of the bloody revolution Demagog - calling to join them Puppets will gather Controlled by the hindbrain Heritance of Berija Comissar'
Kalmah - Heroes To Us
Old prophet's land -a battlefield Of non-believers in a violent rage A declaration of human rights a pretext For maintenance of a new world order Above all written laws a growth concept Created by the
Kalmah - Hollow Heart
Breaking loose from reality surrounding me Keeping you bonded in my imagination Drifting away within the limits of consciousness Falling in sleep with memories you left for me Throwing all away Meanin
Kalmah - Human Fates
A man on the corner with glassy look Telling a story of his lifetime A thousand times told, desperate verse But never listened Another on by the bar talking to a barmaid Has spent his whole life there
Kalmah - Moon Of My Nights
I thought I knew who you were But I didn't know myself Didn't see the things hidden In my hollowness Didn't peep round the curtain Of your exterior And the crack turned into an edge That opens betwe
Kalmah - My Nation
Waves of change creep over promised land We have gathered in our secret stand Time has come for us to carry through the plan The bond of oppression have to be unchained [Chorus:] Those in power - over
Kalmah - Principle Hero
See him on Tv-screen doing the rightest thing Always being at the top of our blessed nation With white smile in his face he lives on the fat of the land And he makes you feel sarcastic Feel him stuck i
Kalmah - Swamphell
Watery rubber boots On the field of moss Inside the boots weary legs Of the man I always meet Swamp full of mist Icy embrace Nothing left of Sense of direction [Chorus:] Swamphell Kill me, let me
Kalmah - The Third, The Magical
I've been searching some answers concealed in my heart The spirit within I've been hunting those secrets with my deepest bottle But have found none So I need a deeper dive: With the screws on my lips
Kalmah - They Will Return
Rhythm of wings in the sky so high Music in my ears I can't wait to see I' m hiding in the grass death in my hands Surprise is my only defence My private war against wilderness Human mastermind versus
Kalmah - Tordah
I've chosen my way of life I'll drink my every coin And even if I'm broken I'll drink my homemade moonshine Until it is all in my head and I will meet my fellows Those who creep around at nights and wil
Kalmah - Using The Word
A man with the mask on a mountain Holding the cross in his blood covered hands Watching the symbol with respect Praising the lord for victory He led the troops into a battle Battle of might, glory and


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