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Kaledon - Army Of The Undead King
Under the moon When nobody is around Out from the castle, silent night There's a fear in the men ... fear of the Wolf Prisoners in their nightmares There's no love in their heart And no mercy ... In
Kaledon - Deep Forest
Looking at the sky, I always hope to take the way I know that I will fly No pain, no desperation in my eyes. In the name of Kaledon. For the people who believed in me, I ride The Dragon will kill the
Kaledon - Desert Land Of Warriors
During the construction Of the new big kingdom King Antillius decided To create a very big training valley Valley for the knights Valley for the horses Shields for the heroes Shields for the kings..
Kaledon - In Search Of Kaledon
We are in search of Kaledon We are the Knights chosen by fate We are the warriors who fight for life They meeting danger during the way Knights of the king with their magical swords They fight the dea
Kaledon - Spirit Of The Dragon
Screams and Shouts break the silence This rainy day, the chosen one For vengeance , for conquest , for kill It's time to wear my armor of steel From ash and fire I rise Strong of the Dragon's power T
Kaledon - Streets Of The Kingdom
This is the reign after the war Running forever under the storm This was the great kingdom come This was the reign for us Running away forever we'll fight We are the knights chosen by fate With the s
Kaledon - The Calling
Kaledon - Thunder In The Sky
Somewhere in the sky There's a dragon that flies Sometime in the dark There's a ghost that wander Out in the fairy land A rider rides alone Where the earth meets the sky He meets his destiny Thunde


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