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Kai - Count On My Love
Count on the rain It's gonna fall There will be days When you'll wonder if you can keep holding on And as hard as you'll try There will be nights When you'll feel like you're gonna break down and c
Kai - Goodbye In Your Eyes
Baby I'm all alone in the dark Tonight as I hold you close I fell the distance in your eyes Now when I need you most I hear the tears in the words you won't tell There's little bit less, that you hear
Kai - Heart To Heart
I see the memories of your smile remembering the way things use to be and now i just watch how you are fading... how many mountains must I climb, girl to convince you are my life won't you come close
Kai - I Got It
We've been good friends for awhile girl Can't stand to see you crying Now another boy is leaving He ain't what you been needing You're reaching to love in a distance Wishing no one would come into you
Kai - Something Inside Of Me
I call you up tonight But girl we don't talk anymore Sometimes I fantasize That you would walk right through the door When I wait you're not there Still I know that you still care Something inside of
Kai - The One
Oh, oh.....oh.....oh, baby.... Another tear, another waterfall Another promise break Another man doing you wrong again I'll watch him walk away I've seen the way you gave your heart to him How you co
Kai - True
i ain't no down no lover that is the way i am i'll never leave you lonely i ain't that kind of man i ain't no imitation i'll never break your heart you'll never see me running i finish what i start
Kai - Will You Still Love Me
Will you still love me? I've got to know Will you still want me? Will your love show? Tonight, I'll give my love to you And I'll give my heart to you And I'll do the things you want me to Tonight, I
Kai - Without You
All that i keep thinking of are memories of our love that's the way girl, in my heart when you left, a part of me just died i thought we'd be able to live a life.. i life of paradise chorus: but now


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