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Kaci - All Over You
Oh no, hey hey Made up my mind, wasn't gonna do it this time You called tonight, and suddenly I'm thinkin', oh my If you're only gonna break my heart again I don't wanna be the fool who lets you in Le
Kaci - Everlasting
I've had enough of all these stops and starts It always brings me back to these two hearts Let's not put it to an end Baby let's not lose it all again (Chorus) Here we are at the start Of another gre
Kaci - I Think I Love You
Do you think you love me..... Ooo we! I THINK I LOVE YOU! I'm sleeping And right in the middle of a good dream Then all at once I wake up From something that keeps knocking at my brain Before I go in
Kaci - Intervention Divine
Our Father Oh Lord we need Sarah's screaming, Another Daddy's leaving, How can that much hurt be justified? Ooh, Frankie's a dealer, His nickname is 'The Healer', He makes a living helping people
Kaci - Kiss Me Crazy
Baby I can't take myself away from you It's absoutely positively what you do So drive me outta my mind Before you lead me on one kiss at a time Come on baby kiss me crazy Tell me that you miss me baby
Kaci - Paradise
Could it be the little Things you do to me Feelings that I'm feeling Are so new to me I'm going through So many changes Nothing ever felt As strange as How my heart goes Crazy when you Look at me
Kaci - Tu Amor
Mi Querido Tu Amor, your love Tu Amor, your love for me Tu Amor, your love Tu Amor your love for me Since the day that you appeared I haven't been the same, oh no The way you looked into my eyes ju


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