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K Otic - Call For Me
what do you do when you're down when nobody else is around who's gonna love you forever who's going down for me and you don't know what to do feeling like a fool playing by the rules but every da
K Otic - Damn I Think I Love You
For 20 days I've been lost in cyberspace I surf through the web To catch up with you trace And I wonder - Who you really are? I only caught a hasty screenshot Of your smile You told me all your hotsp
K Otic - Falling
I'm fallin', Wish I wouldn't be, 'cause I hate the sound when you break me. (x2) Sound when you break me. Don't know what it was, That made me turn around, Can't find a way to forget you. I don't kn
K Otic - Hold On My Heart
Hey, hey, hey! Anybody in this world, Would have stopped believin'. Hey, hey, hey! Any person in their right mind, Would have stopped breathin'. And let it all go, A long time ago. But I say, Hey!
K Otic - I Still Miss You
When I'm far away from dreaming, And think about what I've done, Is this really me, Who I always wanted to be? 'cause it's you that I'm loosing, My everything to me, Life is so hard when it pulls you
K Otic - I Was Made To Love You
Verse 1 The way our hands fit The way our eyes meet The way I melt when you're holding me There's not a piece that's out of place I can see the way I feel its written on your face And there is no mis
K Otic - If I Could
I know it's not easy to find someone you love, I know it's not easy to really find the one, But if you find the greatest love of all. I know it's not easy to let you go, But I just want you, just wanna
K Otic - Never Gonna Get My Love
You are never gonna get my love, Whatever you're thinking of, There's something you don't understand, That I will never let you under my skin, Never gonna let you in. Now I'm saving all my love, 'til
K Otic - No Perfect World
There ain't no perfect world Tryin'to find something that don't exist Maybe I'm that kind of girl ( guy ) (that ) keeps stumbling 'round on shoes that just don't fit Bridge : Finding out the hard
K Otic - Peace Of Mind
Looking through the tears, in a distant memory Raising shadows above, are they haunting me? But do they know, they hurt 'cause when I'm lying here alone thinking about what used to be I don't wanna
K Otic - Rebel Child
I don't wanna be Loved by you If the loving we share Ain't true This decision is overdue Like the ragged lace On your favourite shoes Are you getting My point of view I'm a rebel child Without
K Otic - Scream And Bleed
It's not easy facing reality, When your dream has flown away, Oh baby, it gets hard to see, That you're not here to stay. The radio is only playing love songs, TV only gives me bad news. It makes me
K Otic - Sorry
How can love be so blind (you were right here by my side) Baby now when you are gone (I don't wanna go on) Just like a flower needs the ray (I just wanna be with you) Baby what can I do, to make you und
K Otic - Supergirl
You can tell by the way She walks that she's my girl You can tell by the way she talks she rules the world You can see in her eyes that no one is her Chi She my girl my Supergirl And then she'd say it
K Otic - Weightless
(I'm going to make you weightless.) I know just what you want, 'cause i've been living inside your dream. I am all you ever needed, And more if you want me to. 'cause Ican take you higher. Come dance
K Otic - When Your Heart Is Connected
In this world of illusions Nothing stays the same In the land of confusion The heart is not to blame When the dreams turned to sorrow And the hero walks away There a reason why he's leaving There's


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