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July For Kings - And Gomorra
I could feel from miles away the time you spent and the games you played in his eyes and his name upon your tongue but I kept walking Through the pain and the desert sand through the night as you too
July For Kings - Anything But Beautiful
Awaken to a world devoid of hope and faith I don't want to look anymore I turn it off but it won't go away. the pain of a high school end the rest in a young suicide the media drawing in an escape f
July For Kings - Bed Of Ashes
Do you hear those distant voices and sounds through the flames the deafening drone of these clanking machines in the lights it抯 the same we're trying to free the sculpture from the stone we'll t
July For Kings - Believe
The day god closed her eyes my mother says she felt twenty angels that came through the window and helped him to fly my sisters wept and I stepped further from faith the most beautiful sky turned t
July For Kings - Champagne
I want to dream you a beautiful dream. I want to hold you in the dark it would seem that no one sees me like you do no one moves the way you move and I can't see anything else I want to take you n
July For Kings - Girlfriend
Room 421 an airport hotel I know I should be sleeping but it抯 too soon to tell if I抣l fly out tomorrow if I抣l see her tomorrow I hope that I will. no place like alone and no sound like my own
July For Kings - Intro
(there are no lyrics to this)
July For Kings - Meteor Flower
Meteor flower you settled in my life shine among the cut-out stars and fireflies singing careful songs across a technicolor night signals stronger pass between our silver satellites I think I want to
July For Kings - New Black Car
Waiting tables at your restaurant job an old man reads the paper in the booth where I stop to say hello when I抦 in town to ask a friend if you抮e around. And I think about those summer night
July For Kings - Start Again
Woo She said is anything wrong? and I tried to look away she said I think we should put it down where secrets lay I think we finally know that this won't fill the space it's over, it's nothing, it'
July For Kings - Washed Away
There was blue green clay on the banks that day as we left the world behind it was upstream then like it's upstream now in this livelong outside there's a trestle across the water like my hands acro
July For Kings - Without Wings
I remember when I only cried when I fell down everything was either black or white but it's gray now Iremember when I learned of love and the way she sings like the hurt and the sting when they'r


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