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Jacksoul - Baby I Adore You
words and music by H.Neale I have searched my whole life long For loving in this Babylon. Without you my baby. Without you my baby. Just when I had found despair. You came and answered all my prayers
Jacksoul - I Know What You Want
I Know What You Want I played around and I played the field. I was one mad dog, girl. You know, for real. And I didn't give a damn just who I hurt. Spent all my time, just chasing skirt. Now I've met
Jacksoul - I Miss You
Looks like it had (baby) My day in the sun (baby) There's no more sunshine And I miss you babe. The world starts to move around me And I should get up soon baby But there nothing in me And I miss yo
Jacksoul - I Remember
Our song used to be my lullaby Now it's just a tune from days gone by Now it only haunts me in my sleep And I soak my pillow when I weep I drop my tears I drop my tears. I remember when we danced Th
Jacksoul - Let Me Call You Baby
Let me call you baby Let me call you sweety pie Say you wanna be my lady 'Cause you're more than a friend o'mine. Say you'll be my sugar dumplin' My hugga-nugga love divine. Tell me that you wanna be
Jacksoul - Never Give Your Love Away
by Neale and McCollum How can I tell you all the reasons why You're the meaning in my life? Your love is a precious gift. The way you take the time to show me Such sweet affection Makes me want to b
Jacksoul - Never Say Goodbye
You You're lying next to me in bed. A thousand thoughts go rushing through my head. I turn and kiss your sleeping face instead. You You wrestle with the sheets and cling to me. Just to watch you slee
Jacksoul - Somedays
I'm outta love. I'm outta tears. Small wonder after three long years. Stopped waiting by the phone for you to call. And somedays I don't even think of you at all. I do my work. Come home to bed. Jus


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