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I am a child in these hills I am away I am alone I am a child in these hills And looking for water And looking for life Who will show me the river and ask my name? Is there nobody here who'll do tha
Jackson Browne - About My Imagination
I kept my eyes open and tried to see The point of what went on in front of me I kept what moved me, forgot about the rest And took my young imagination to the acid test And it was easy then to say what
Jackson Browne - AH, BUT SOMETIMES
I'm a moody and swirling pool, lost in some dark wood Angry at a million things and more I can do no good Ah, but sometimes - Sometimes I'm a growing blade of grass Washed by the rain, bent by the win
Jackson Browne - AND I SEE
Just like a leaf that's just been rained on Something of a cloud above, a soon-awaking sun And I see the day has just begun Feeling windblown, reeling I have grown out of my time And like a circle cas
Time will come when we know what happened here Change will come in time and make it clear We learn one thing if we learn at all In the secret wars we call our lives Anything can happen We watch the da
Jackson Browne - BEFORE THE DELUGE
Some of them were dreamers And some of them were fools Who were making plans and thinking of the future With the energy of the innocent They were gathering the tools They would need to make their jour
Jackson Browne - BIRDS OF ST MARKS
(from the Jackson Browne: Going Home video) Oh how sadly sound the songs the queen must sing of dying A prisoner upon her throne of melancholy sighing If she could see her mirror now She would be free
Jackson Browne - BLACK AND WHITE
Long before you ever saw your chances You were going to burn this city down Tired of the fashions and the dances Tired of the people standing around Ticking like a bomb in the night And you knew you w
Jackson Browne - BOULEVARD
Down on the boulevard they take it hard They look at life with such disregard They say it can't be won The way the game is run But if you choose to stay You end up playing anyway It's okay-- The kid
The days of spring have just begun And melted snow begins to run Aspen is a fine place where many people go And so you're bound for Colorado Don't send me cards from where you've been Or tell me 'bout
Jackson Browne - Casino Nation
In a weapons producing nation under Jesus In the fabled crucible of the free world Camera crews search for clues amid the detritus And entertainment shapes the land The way the hammer shapes the hand
Lying next to you in the dark Listening to your pounding heart The sheets are tangled around your waist I watch the dream moving on your face Feel you shake, hear your cries Running in the dark trying
Jackson Browne - COCAINE
You take Sally and I'll take Sue Their ain't no difference between the two Cocaine, running all 'round my brain Headin' down Scott, turnin' up Main Looking for that girl that sells cocaine Cocaine, ru
Jackson Browne - CULVER MOON
I live in a small town . . . deep in LA About five miles north of where the Lakers play Everybody here's from someplace else Working all together just like Santa's elves Baby, Culver me And I'll Culve
Jackson Browne - DOCTOR MY EYES
Doctor, my eyes have seen the years And the slow parade of fears without crying Now I want to understand I have done all that I could To see the evil and the good without hiding You must help me if y
Jackson Browne - ENOUGH OF THE NIGHT
You used to stand on the tables You used to shoot out the lights You used to stop trucks on I-19 In your blue leopard tights You got the vote of your high school Most likely to exceed But not likely
Jackson Browne - FARTHER ON
In my early years I hid my tears And passed my days alone Adrift on an ocean of loneliness My dreams like nets were thrown To catch the love that I'd heard of In books and films and songs Now there's
Jackson Browne - FOR EVERYMAN
Everybody I talk to is ready to leave With the light of the morning They've seen the end coming down long enough to believe That they've heard their last warning Standing alone Each has his own ticket
Looking through some photographs I found inside a drawer I was taken by a photograph of you There were one or two I know that you would have liked a little more But they didn't show your spirit quite as
Jackson Browne - FOURTH AND MAIN
I'm here at Fourth and Main Been standing in the rain I feel no joy, I feel no pain I got nothing to lose, nothing to gain I'm at Fourth and Main Been down at City Hall Been writing on the wall The
Here come those tears again Just when I was getting over you Just when I was going to make it through Another night without missing you Thinking I might just be strong enough after all When I hear you
Jackson Browne - HOLDING
I'm standing here and hoping for you Holding my door open for you now Ask just what you will of me I'll bend just like a willow tree And now I'm holdin' Holdin' my door open to the wind Well seven ti
Jackson Browne - I THOUGHT I WAS A CHILD
It's such a clever innocence with which you do your sorcery As if somehow the years just bow and let that young girl go free I thought I was a child until you turned and smiled I thought I knew where I
Jackson Browne - IF I ONLY HAD A BRAIN
(from the soundtrack album The Wizard of Oz in Concert: Dreams Do Come True; performed by Jackson Browne backed by Ry Cooder & David Sanborn) See, I can't scare anybody. They come from miles around To l
Give us twenty minutes and we'll give you the world We bring good things to life The news you need from people you can count on Doing what we do best The heartbeat of America Your true voice You're i
Jamaica was the lovely one, I played her well As we lay in the tall grass where the shadows fell Hiding from the children so they would not tell We would stay there 'till her sister rang the evening bel
Jackson Browne - Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
(Performed by Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt on the Pete Seeger tribute album Where Have All The Flowers Gone;1998) Jackson: When I was a young man I'd never been kissed; I got to thinking about what I
Jackson Browne - KNOCK ON ANY DOOR
Knock on any door Look through any window Baby knock on any door Knock on any door Is there any place you want to go Baby who you lookin' for Yeah, yeah, baby now you know It's a cold world like the
Jackson Browne - LAWYERS IN LOVE
I can't keep up with what's been going on I think my heart must just be slowing down Among the human beings in their designer jeans Am I the only one who hears the screams And the strangled cries of la
Jackson Browne - LINDA PALOMA
At the moment the music began And you heard the guitar player starting to sing You were filled with the beauty that ran Through what you were imagining Dreaming of scenes from those songs of love I wa
I've been waiting for something to happen For a week or a month or a year With the blood in the ink of the headlines And the sound of the crowd in my ear You might ask what it takes to remember When y
Jackson Browne - LOOKING EAST
Standing in the ocean with the sun burning low in the west Like a fire in the cavernous darkness at the heart of the beast With my beliefs and possessions, stopped at the frontier in my chest At the edg
Jackson Browne - LOVE ME, LOVELY
Lovely, lovely, did you see me Just as I was crying Love me lovely, make it easy What I say is hard but I am trying Lovely, lovely, can you hear me Listen to my singing Love me lovely, while you're n
Jackson Browne - LOVE NEEDS A HEART
(by Lowell George, Valerie Carter & Jackson Browne) Maybe the hardest thing I've ever done Was to walk away from you Leaving behind the life that we'd begun I split myself in two Proud and alone, cold
A lady stands before an open window Staring so far away She can almost feel the southern wind blow Almost touching her restless day She turns from her window to me Sad smile her apology Sad eyes reac
(English Translation by Jorge Calderon) My personal revenge will be the right Of our children in the schools and in the gardens My personal revenge will be to give you This song which has flourished wi
Jackson Browne - My Stunning Mystery Companion
What with all my expectations long abandoned And a future I no longer saw my hand in How I found you is beyond my understanding My stunning mystery companion I know that you don't want to be Out here
Jackson Browne - Never Stop
There are times when I see you, Baby Looking back the way we came Through some hard places, choices we made You never held me to blame But you had some dreams when you were a girl Some ideas about the
Jackson Browne - NINO
Nino, walking around on Sunday Nino, just one more kid in L.A. With a hubcap and a stick in his hand In his own parade, leading the band His head in the sky, his feet nearly touching the sand Nino, th
Jackson Browne - NOTHING BUT TIME
(by Jackson Browne & Howard Burke) Rolling down 295 out of Portland, Maine Still high from the people up there and feeling no pain Gonna make it to New Jersey, gonna set it up and do it again I got a b
Jackson Browne - READY OR NOT
Someone's going to have to explain it to me I'm not sure what it means My baby's feeling funny in the morning She's having trouble getting into her jeans Her waist-line seems to be expanding Although
Jackson Browne - RED NECK FRIEND
Pretty little one How has it all begun? They're teaching you how to walk But you're already on the run Little one-- What you gonna do? Little one-- Honey, it's all up to you Now your daddy's in the
Jackson Browne - RUNNING ON EMPTY
Looking out at the road rushing under my wheels Looking back at the years gone by like so many summer fields In sixty-five I was seventeen and running up one-o-one I don't know where I'm running now, I'
Jackson Browne - SHADOW DREAM SONG
I meant to call her name I meant to take her hand I meant to be the same and understand Just what was happening in the evening Between the princess and the prince I can't be bothered now And I can't
Jackson Browne - SOLDIER OF PLENTY
God is great, God is good He guards your neighborhood Though it's generally understood Not quite the way you would You try to take the slack Stay awake and watch his back But something happens every
Jackson Browne - SOMETHING FINE
The papers lie there helplessly In a pile outside the door I've tried and tried, but I just can't remember what they're for The world outside is tugging like a beggar at my sleeve Oh, that's much too o
Jackson Browne - SONG FOR ADAM
Though Adam was a friend of mine, I did not know him well He was alone into his distance He was deep into his well I could guess what he was laughing at, but I couldn't really tell Now the story's told
Jackson Browne - TAKE IT EASY
Well I'm a-running down the road trying to loosen my load I've got seven women on my mind Four that want to own me, two that want to stone me One says she's a friend of mine Take it easy, take it easy
Running down around the towns along the shore When I was sixteen and on my own No, I couldn't tell you what the hell those brakes were for I was just trying to hear my song Jimmy found his own sweet so
Oh the light from your smile Can be seen for a mile By travellers dark in their sorrow If you want me to stay Throw a smile my way And I'll stay by your side 'till tomorrow Woooah... 'Cause all my b
Gather your deeds and your possessions, Whatever certainty you've known, Forget your heroes, You don't really need those lasting lessons. Stand in the open; The next voice you hear will be your own.
Jackson Browne - The Night Inside Me
I used to lay out in a field under the Milky Way With everything that I was feeling that I could not say With every doubt and every sorrow that was in my way Tearing around inside my head like it was th
Jackson Browne - THE PAINTER
We see him dancing in the morning Stars depart the yawning sky He'll take the hour that is passing And leave it in his lover's eye And if you want he'll make it seem As though you're walking in his dr
Jackson Browne - THE ROAD
Highways and dancehalls A good song takes you far Your write about the moon And you dream about the stars Blues in old motel rooms Girls in daddy's car You sing about the nights And you laugh about
Jackson Browne - THE WORD JUSTICE
A man stands up before God and country Raises his right hand and takes an oath Swears he has acted in the line of duty And he more than anyone wants to tell the truth But there is a need to keep some t
My head is in the forest And I'm thinking about you The mist is pulling lightly on the timber My thoughts are of the forest And I'm sure I'm not in view Of anyone but the dragon And the prince of son
Jackson Browne - VOICE OF AMERICA
(from the B-side of the single In The Shape Of A Heart; peformed by Jackson Browne) Little Steven's version appears on his album of the same name. Can you hear me? Wake up! Where's the voice of America?
Jackson Browne - WALKING SLOW
Walking slow down the avenue Through my old neighborhood Don't know why I'm happy I've got no reason to feel this good Maybe it's because I'm all alone And I've got no place to go And everywhere I lo
Jackson Browne - WORLD IN MOTION
Sun going down in the USA Down on Main there's a family sleeping in a doorway Around the corner you can hear the sound People dancing around the golden calf Those who have not, those who have On the b


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