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Ideal - All About You
[Intro] Oh, oh yeah It's all about you It's all about me Baby, baby Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah It's all about you It's all about me It's all about us I got what you need You've got what I want I got w
Ideal - Break Your Plans
[Intro] Whatchu wanna do Whatchu trying to say Do you wanna play? Do you wanna go? Whatchu wanna do Whatchu trying to say Do you wanna play? Do you wanna play with me? Oh, baby take your time Cuz
Ideal - Creep Inn
[Intro] Where's the number I need to call her Here it is Hope she there She gotta be there Come on, pick up the phone [Female] Hello [Male] Hello, whassup baby [Female] Who is this [Male] You k
Ideal - Get Gone
Verse 1: In the Beginning you know i tried to make it work for you and I Seems like I was always by myself Like you didn't never ever wanted help The strain you put on me, You let me down Can you tel
Ideal - Ideally Yours
Where you're feelin' all alone And you feel all hope is gone We'll be around To comfort you with these sweet melodies Through... Through... Through... Through... Through... Thro
Ideal - Intro
Female Voice) Where are you, guys? You're like never at home Or you're not in the city or something, but... Call me! This is Kerra, 818-?!?-0333 I'm tired of you Somebody pick up the phone and call
Ideal - No More
Yeah, yeah This girl is callin' me again? I know it ain't that same one Yes it is What you gotta tell her, what are you gonna do Her time is up, she gotta go Your time is up I'm sick and tired of al
Ideal - Sexy Dancer
[Jazzie Pha] Can you show it to me? Uh, get this, don't stop I'm not finished yet I want another dance, I betchu get wet Like this, you in the danger zone Not bashin' wood, I'm from afar, it's on aga
Ideal - Tell Me Why
Oh, why I just wanted to lay down and die You don't know the pain that I feel inside Could this be a dream or is it real tonight Tell me why, oh why It hurts inside, for real, a lie Can you tell me
Ideal - Whatever (Radio Version)
IDEAL FEAT. R.L.: Whatever (R.L.:) Yeah, Ideal Y2 Kay Gee and R.L. collabo Uh-oh make 'em, make 'em Make 'em dance to this Uh yeah Ideal come on Make 'em, make 'em Make 'em dance to this Let's g


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