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Ice Cube - 24 MC Hours
[Ice Cube] Put the whoop on 'em (Ice Cube, a.k.a. Don Mega) Put the whoop on 'em (a.k.a. Poppa Don) Put the whoop on 'em (a.k.a. the Big Fish) Put the whoop on 'em (a.k.a. Brainiac) Keep it gangsta y'
Ice Cube - A bird in the hand
[Big Bird: Sesame Street] Hey look at this! I was cleaning out my nest and I found a book of my old poetry
Ice Cube - Alive On Arrival
Down at the best spot Its me and JD and they sellin more birds than a pet shop The spot's hot and everybody nervous That's when the blue car served us Oh why did fools had to let loose Heard six pops
Ice Cube - Ask About Me
[hook] [Mr. Short Khop, (Ice Cube)] I check it in on the West Coast (Ask about me) I check it in in the Dirty South (a-yeay) I check it in in the Mid-West (hustle, man) I check it in on the East Coast
Ice Cube - Bird In The Hand
Ice Cube - Bop Gun (One Nation)
At these up late times, hardcore funkateers before the bop gun. We unleash you a positive light. The bop gun can do you no harm. It frees yo mind, so yo kind can follow. (Yeahhh.) So wide you can't
Ice Cube - Cash Over
[Mack 10] Whassup Cube dog? I got this bitch-ass nigga right here Y'know, fuckin with this tramp-ass bitch Puttin her before the scrill' all the time, yaknowhatI'msayin? Man I got this nigga transcrip
Ice Cube - Cave Bitch
Intro: Dr. Khalid Muhammed Give me a black goddess sister I can't resist her. No stringy haired, blonde hair, blue eyed, pale skinned buttermilk complexion. Grafted, recessive, depressive, ironing board
Ice Cube - Check Yo Self
CHORUS: So come on and chick-ity-check yo self before you wreck yo self You betta check yo self for you wreck yo self Cause I'm bad for your health I come real stealth Droppin bombs on ya moms, fuck c
Ice Cube - Color Blind
* SEND ALL CORRECTIONS TO Ice Cube: Here's another day at the stoplight I'm lookin in my mirror so I can see who can see me South Central is puttin Ice Cube to the test With four brotha
Ice Cube - Dirty Mack
There's a new girl on my street And I might introduce her to mack me Told my homeboy I was scoping hoping To crack them legs wide open Ready to break that banging ass Get it with the shad Take a bath
Ice Cube - Doing Dumb Shit
When I was young I used to hang with the seventh graders Little bad motherfucker playing Space Invaders Fucking with the girls in the fourth grade Either feeling on they butts or pulling on they braids
Ice Cube - Down For Whatever
Intro Damn. I'm broke. My feet hurt. (Inside the mind of a car jacker) And that bitch is slippin. Damn. It makes me wanna..creep. Damn. It makes me wanna..creep. I got something for your mind, yo
Ice Cube - Dr Frankenstein
(feat. Mr. Short Khop) Supreme gangsta shit We dream gangsta shit {rain pouring} Yes {electric shock, beaker tingling} Yes {knock on dorr} Yeah what is it? {continual knocking on door} What is it?!?
Ice Cube - Dr. frankenstein
Supreme gangsta shit We dream gangsta shit
Ice Cube - Enemy
Intro: Every January 16th, it's The Dreamer, The Dreamer. And all of you say, I have a dream; The Dreamer. And what did he dream?It stuck him right there. And little black boys, and little white girls
Ice Cube - Extradition
(Ice Cube Talking) Dear Mama, If some people came by the house lookin for me I'm innocent of anything they say I done Now I don't know when I'll be able to write you again But I will be back to Califor
Ice Cube - Fuck Dying
* Korn appears instrumentally only, not lyrically [+AD+] Ice Cube Ice Cube! [Cube] That's Don Mega to you you lil' cocksucker [+AD+] I am the Angel of Death And your name is on my list [Cube] Sheey
Ice Cube - Ghetto Bird
Verse One: Why, oh why must you swoop through the hood like everybody from the hood is up to no good. You think all the girls around here are trickin up there lookin like Superchicken At night I see y
Ice Cube - Ghetto Vet
Life.... niggas used to come and get me when it was time to disagree with an enemy pass the hennessy it gives me energy packed the gat in the small of my back where these niggas at I clear the whole
Ice Cube - Gotta Be Insanity
[Ice Cube] Uhh, gotta get it...uhhh....hmmm....get it, get it --baby-- (verse one) {:21} Stab thru the neighborhood, these spinin' Weez winin', scrap with the John Lennon Head rests, TV's in 'em Be
Ice Cube - Greed
Now, if the greenbacks don't stack large on my side of the yard I ain't fuckin with it This cake has got to be all icing baby Now I know I'm taking the biggest piece but god damn I'm the biggest fish w
Ice Cube - Heaven
[Verse One:] Listen to the preacherman But are you talkin' to me I can't hear you with a mouth full of pig's feet If I should need the swine flesh Your body is a mess, but you're blessed With a fat
Ice Cube - Hello
[Ice Cube] Look at these Niggaz With Attitudes Look at these Niggaz With Attitudes Look at these Niggaz With Attitudes Look at these Niggaz With Attitudes {Hello..} [Dr. Dre] I started this gangsta s
Ice Cube - Hello (feat dr dre, mc ren)
[Ice Cube] Look at these Niggaz With Attitudes Look at these Niggaz With Attitudes Look at these Niggaz With Attitudes Look at these Niggaz With Attitudes {Hello..} [Dr. Dre] I started this gangsta
Ice Cube - Horny Little Devil
Intro: You are the prince of darkness Arch enemy, father of evil Hell born, demonic, savage, fierce, viscious, wild Tameless, barbaric, uncontrollabe, obstinate beast Verse One: Horny little devil, y
Ice Cube - I Wanna Kill Sam
I Wanna Kill Sam The army is the only way out for young, black teenagers. We'll provide you with housing, we'll provide you with education,
Ice Cube - It was a good day
[Ice Cube] Break 'em off somethin
Ice Cube - Make It Ruff, Make It Smooth
Intro: K-Dee, Ice Cube [hey yo cube] MAKE IT RUFF [cube check it out] whassup? [yo this bitch was suckin my dick, you know what i told her?] what? [make the music with ya mouth biiiyaaatch!] hahaha
Ice Cube - My Summer Vacation
[airline attendant] This is the final boarding call for flight 1259 departing from Los Angeles, final destination to St. Louis Thank you [Ice Cube] Damn G, the spot's gettin hot So how the fuck am I
Ice Cube - No Vaseline
Got damn, I'm glad ya'll set it off. Used to be hard, now you're just wet and soft. First you was down with the AK, and now I see you on a video with Michel'le? Lookin' like straight bozos. I saw it c
Ice Cube - Once Upon A Time In The Projects 2
Once upon a time in the projects yo I damn near had to wreck a hoe Yellin through the screen do' (HEY, let me in!) (Big Daddy got a fifth of gin, and down to sin) Baby up in two-ten, is on a nigga Ben
Ice Cube - Penitentiary
Attention all nigga rows and nigga hoes We've decided to rob this motherfucker the legal way Nobs injecting ourselves to become property on the stock In the penal system. In the justice system Penitent
Ice Cube - Pimp Homeo
{woman} Pimp Homeo, Pimp Homeo... {Cube} Hey, Julie-ho! {Woman}I am but $300 short, thy Pimp. First know my ass is tired, thy Pimp Homeo. Be this hour, I have done weeping. Thy have poppeth my cootchi
Ice Cube - Really Doe
{*GUN SHOT*} Ain't nobody talkin when I'm talkin fellas so shut the fuck up! {Slick Rick sample repeats in background: And who the fuck are you?} [Ice Cube] Ohh.. steppin up in my motherfuckin uhh..
Ice Cube - Roll All Day
[Ice Cube] I got a full tank of unleaded {repeat x4} Now we could roll all day, if i could ride all night ---I got a full tank of unleaded--- {repeat} (verse one) {:30} I see you walkin' and i'm damn
Ice Cube - Say Hi To The Bad Guy
Intro: (*guy talking*) Good evening. Police, do not try to adjust your radios. There is nothing wrong. We have takin control over this city as to bring you this special bulletin and we will return this
Ice Cube - Steady Mobbin
(c'mon G) [JD] Police, eat a dick straight up Look here you little god damn nigger, your not gafflin nobody You fuckin understand me (kick his ass) That's right, get down on the god damn ground now F
Ice Cube - The curse of money
[Intro - Sleep] Hey wassup Cube? Man I'm glad I caught you at your momma' house homey Wassup man? You still got your pager right or you lost it? (It's the curse, the curse....the curse, the curse) Y'
Ice Cube - The Gutter Shit
[Ice Cube] I been servin' niggas since 1985 Niggas want the gutter Ice Cube, Jay-O Felony My nigga Gangsta, Squeek Rule Keep it gangsta y'all, keep it gangsta (chorus) {:14} Niggas want that gutter
Ice Cube - The nigga of the century
[Ice Cube] Say you little son of a bitch, what choo tryin' to be? --when i'm big i wanna be a thug-- --you wanna be a thug, huh?! (yeah yeah) What choo know (about) a thug, huh?! (yeah yeah) You
Ice Cube - The nigga ya love to hate
I heard payback's a motherfucking nigga That's why I'm sick of gettin treated like a goddamn stepchild Fuck a punk cause I ain't him You gotta deal with the nine-double-M The damn scum that you all hat
Ice Cube - The Predator
You can run but you can't hide from the westside night stalker, shit talker, run and tell them Mr L.M. nigga with the gat and i'm back off the everyday prey that I slay rolling with the fo' chase ya th
Ice Cube - The product
I was told, cause I didn't witness the whole act In and out was the movement of the bozack It was hot and sweaty and lots of pushin Then the nut came gushin And it was hell tryin to bail to the ovary
Ice Cube - The Shot
[phones ringing, babies crying] white guy: Hi how ya doin' ? nurse: Doctor's office, could you hold please? Yes sir can I help you? white guy: Yes I have a four o'clock appointment, I'm here to get my s
Ice Cube - The wrong nigga to fuck with
[Verse One] God damn, it's a brand new payback From the straight gangsta mack in straight gangsta black How many motherfuckers gotta pay Went to the shelf and dusted off the AK Caps gotta get pealed
Ice Cube - True To The Game
It's the nigga ya love to hate with a new song So what really goes on Nothing but a come-up, but ain't that a bitch They hate to see a young nigga rich But I refuse to switch even though Cause I can't
Ice Cube - Until we rich
[Krayzie Bone] Nigga the mission's to get what you don't got The struggle it don't stop, until we drop
Ice Cube - Us
Verse One: Could you tell me who released our animal instinct? Got the white man sittin' there tickled pink. Laughin' at us on the avenue Bustin' caps at each other after havin' brew We can't enjoy ou
Ice Cube - What Can I Do
Intro: [sampled announcer] In any country, prison is where society sends it's failures But in this country, society itself is failing. Verse One: Today, how you like me now, I'm in the mix? It's 1986
Ice Cube - When Will They Shoot
Verse One: God damn, another fucking payback wit' a twist Them motherfuckers shot but the punks missed Ice Cube is out-gunned, what is the outcome? Will they do me like Malcolm? Cuz I bust styles,
Ice Cube - Who Got The Camera
Verse 1 Drivin down the motherfuckin highway the flyway hey bitch, you goin my way? Now I got a passenger I look at the miniskirt, now I'm askin her Would you like to hit the fat bud, or perhaps sho
Ice Cube - You Can Do It
[Ice Cube] Yeah, yeah Get your ass and hurra Uh, Ice Cube baby Ninety-nine baby I'm on the grind baby All the time baby Show me something [Ms. Toi] You can do it put your back into it [Ice Cube]
Ice Cube - You Know How We Do It
[Ice Cube] Yeah... yeah! Fool -- you know how we do it West Side Comin from the West Side Nothin but the West Side Ain't nuttin goin on but the bomb-ass rap song Hittin all night long Just like m


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