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Ice Ages - A Far Gone Light
[written by Grom] Crawling slowly through the night Need to speak, whisper the last word Search for light, Searching for a far gone light Stay forever in a dream Vision that so close and grim Lo
Ice Ages - Heartbeat
Here my heart; my heartbeat is your time Feel this trembling sound, take care don't let it plunge you into misery Dreadful dreams will be your home divine In your narrow mind, a torturous path will l
Ice Ages - I Come For You
[written by Grom] I come for you my hollow skull with dust of bones and blood I came for you my silent curse to breath it and destroy. With mask of grim of endless joy of endless pain and
Ice Ages - Lifeless Sentiments
Void in my mind, in my thoughts, that never knew this life just feel your force that contradicts my life Live threw the night then you'll feel, this terror force I found This terror force I found
Ice Ages - Lost In Daze
Make this word for me, that never mine has been. That's all I want from you, or see me fall and you will follow. Lost in our daze, just hear our voice inside This tender sound it feels - like thunder
Ice Ages - Shades Of Former Light
Make a lie and then you'll see that we will save you. And if you please we'll screen your lucid sight. Your anxious dreams reflects the bygone live you forsook So if you please we'll keep your silent
Ice Ages - The Denial
[written by Grom] My eyes refuse to see This pale sky filled with sorrow The empty space we gain in melancholic dreams My heart refused to count The time I have till ending To be a friend of dyi
Ice Ages - The Fiend
Where is this fiend you are denying What is this tool you've been in distant lands With frigid eyes some one can see you Your inner self, that you could never stand. For now you are what you have l


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