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Ian Hunter - (Miss) Silver Dime
(Ian Hunter/Earl Slick) Alice was a drunken Mona Lisa Arching up some American wall She said I really want to please you I said that's easy let yourself fall All you got to do is go Ride on down roc
Ian Hunter - 23A, Swan Hill
(Ian Hunter) (Transcribed by Justin Purington; corrections by Colin Ford) Wrote this poem called the floods roll on he said this ain't yours, where'd you get it from? you must have stole it from a b
Ian Hunter - 3,000 Miles From Here
(Ian Hunter) Fare thee well, gentle maid, I'll see you on your way; And the sun will rise tomorrow And wash my sins away. For I know that I've abused you But I only had a day. And I know that's why
Ian Hunter - All Of The Good Ones Are Taken
(Ian Hunter) Girl-things ain't been goin' too good for me Girl-I'm living in the middle of a mystery You're the only one that can turn me on 'N' now that you're gone I said Girl-I'm livin' in the midd
Ian Hunter - American Music
(Ian Hunter) I have a dream-its only one dream But I know dreams can come true And I have a wish-its only one wish But I know wishes can too I wanna be-faraway from here With those honky tonk heroes-
Ian Hunter - American Spy
(Ian Hunter) Neon lights in the pouring rain - it's just another Saturday Avoid the bovver boys comin' out the Indian - looking for an affray I left home on the 4th of July - in nineteen hundred and sev
Ian Hunter - Apathy 83
(Ian Hunter) Standin' on the edge of Vesuvius - my mouth is runnin' dry Drunk on wine & wisdom - giving it all away Old enough to hate tomorrow - young enough not to know where to run Oh there ain't no
Ian Hunter - Beg A Little Love
(Hunter/McNasty) Life takes a little piece of you away Most everyday of your life Oh learn to get wise, you learn to compromise- You learn to criticise yourself I guess we all grow up 'cos one day eve
Ian Hunter - Big Time
(Ian Hunter) One more town on the merry-go-round One more room with no view One more punk eatin' nothing but junk Trin' to make a phone call to you Well maybe I'll never, get myself together But some
Ian Hunter - Boy
(Ian Hunter/Mick Ronson) Genocidal tendencies are silly to extreme After all you're still quite small you don't know where you've been You was only swearing yesterday Oh you want to win the world away
Ian Hunter - Broadway
(Ian Hunter) Green lights on Broadway All the magic seems to say Come and ride with me baby you know It's got to be the greatest show on Broadway Out here on the streets they say You can see your lif
Ian Hunter - Cool
(Ian Hunter) You might be a celebrity-everybody sits up and begs You might be the sexiest thing since God invented legs You might be a dictator, a dealer or a saint Cool is here to tell you when you're
Ian Hunter - Dancing On The Moon
(Ian Hunter/Darrell Bath/Honest John Plain) (Transcribed by Colin Ford) Oh!! Well I climbed through the fence, out with the (?), head for the river plate(?). The river's not tame, heat in the city mean
Ian Hunter - Death Of A Nation
(Ian Hunter) I was having a drink with Prince Charles and the Queen When Winston Churchill stepped into my dream His head it was heavy, his voice was shakin' He said, Look what they've done - it's the
Ian Hunter - Every Step Of The Way
(Ian Hunter/Mark Clarke) I used to see you on the avenue You were the girl that let me follow you You used to hang out in the alleyway You sewed a button on my shirt one day I asked around til I found
Ian Hunter - Following In Your Footsteps
(Ian Hunter/Mick Ronson) Some folk leave courage, some folk leave you hope Why am I out here hangin' like a fool at the end o' my rope Some folk leave you wisdom, some folk leave you signs You
Ian Hunter - God (Take 1)
(Ian Hunter) God said to me Gonna kick your ass - 'cos all you do is ask ask ask All that energy looking for me when I'm sitting here inside you - plain to see How I built you cell for cell gave you s
Ian Hunter - Golden Opportunity
(Ian Hunter) The kids are OK They're telling you now But you're letting them down Cause you just don't know how And it's a golden opportunity I'm spinning in space I'm laughing away Your so patheti
Ian Hunter - Good Girls
(Honest John Plain) It's cold outside - it looks like rain To make matters worse, I missed me last train Now I was thinking she'd show me a bed To my surprise got shown the door instead Whoa-oh where
Ian Hunter - Gun Control
(Ian Hunter) All right Gun Control, we don't want no Gun Control, we don't want no Gun Control, we don't want no Gun Control. Stick to your guns, boys, stick to your guns. We'll make a lot of money
Ian Hunter - How Much More Can I Take
(Ian Hunter) You're breakin' my heart Stealing my thunder How much more can I take You're draggin' me down Holding me under How much more can I take How much more can I take Won't somebody b
Ian Hunter - I Need Your Love
(Ian Hunter) It was a cold, cold house, I was a cold, cold room. No one lived in me. I was an empty tune. Lovers came to view 'n' they looked all around. But they couldn't see nothin', nothin but t
Ian Hunter - Irene Wilde
(Ian Hunter) When I was just sixteen - I stood waiting for a dream - at Barker Street bus station every night When I tried to get it on - she just looked at me with scorn - my courage turned to dust a
Ian Hunter - Junkee Love
(Matheson/Casino Steel) Give me magic misery Give me two shots - first one is free Watch me cover - watch me grin Jump for the juice in your syringe You're the poison - you're the pain You're the nee
Ian Hunter - Justice Of The Peace
(Ian Hunter) Its such a terrible shame it was only a game Then her brothers found out seven Johnny be Goode's We was only pretending at mummys and daddys They totally misunderstood Oh what a terrible
Ian Hunter - Keep On Burning
(Ian Hunter) Oh Well there ain't no sense in burning bridges. No, there ain't no sense in burning bridges. If we're sorry then it's our failure so says the jailor, fade? away. Now there ain't no
Ian Hunter - Knees Of My Heart
(Ian Hunter) How do I begin - where do I start When did you first scrape the knees of my heart You said you would never marry a musician I said that's all right - 'cos I ain't good enough to be one Yo
Ian Hunter - Letter To Britannia From The Union Jack
(Ian Hunter) Poor Britannia - drowning in your waves With the Body of the unknown soldier and the best of the brave I have known you ever since I was a child How come you don't salute me - now - when I
Ian Hunter - Lounge Lizard
(Ian Hunter) Well I picked her up on a Saturday night Pool hall poison but she felt alright Oh dear what a sight when I saw her in the light of day She was a speakeasy sleazer of the highest degree Oh
Ian Hunter - Morons
(Ian Hunter) We were morons from the day we were born We believed every word that you said - boy were we wrong We're all fat now - on the sofas - mini morons - taking over Cos we're older now, older no
Ian Hunter - My Revolution
(Casino Steel/Ian Hunter/Dangerfield) You were just a twinkle in your teenage mother's eyes I was squeezing Brylcreem on my hair No one taught us how to be politically correct And no one told our winkl
Ian Hunter - Never Trust A Blonde
(Darrell Bath) (Transcribed by Colin Ford) A thousand pin-up girls to Stepney to Bombay Take me to fancy restaurants to be amongst the (?) And all the blue-eyed gals of 6 foot 3 Are gonna leave you br
Ian Hunter - No One
(Ian Hunter) I used to come home each night to no one - no one All by myself, turn out the light - no one - no one One knife, a fork 'n' a spoon An empty bed in a cold room Oooh I needed someone - may
Ian Hunter - Noises
(Ian Hunter/Tommy Morrongiello) Noises are taking away my freedom. Noises seem to rob me of myself. Noises are the sound of mediocrity. Noises ... to take that ... from out of myself. Noises are takin
Ian Hunter - Old Records Never Die
(Ian Hunter) Sometimes you realize that there is an end to life. Yesterday I heard them say a hero's blown away. And it's so hard to lose someone who's close to you. Oh me, I did not see the danger
Ian Hunter - Open My Eyes
(Ian Hunter/Darrel Bath) (Transcribed by Colin Ford) On the Avenue of dead umbrellas In a place where nothin' sleeps No one's pickin' up the pieces - no one speaks Snow falls down - God dusts funky to
Ian Hunter - Psycho Girl
(Honest John Plain) If I'd known then what I know now I'd do it all again 'cause I'm crazy and how About my mixed-up, messed-up pretty little Psycho Girl I should've given her a swift body swerve I di
Ian Hunter - Rain
(Ian Hunter) Billy said this town is dying, it's dying just to be like me. He was fighting everything in sight, died when he was 23. I used to meet him down at his cafe, he had one eye on the door a
Ian Hunter - Rape
(Ian Hunter) He searched through his love like a thief on the run He searched through his face - to see the guilt water run But he's fresh out of tears and nobody has come And justice has got to be don
Ian Hunter - Red Letter Day
(Ian Hunter) Red Letter Day (3) mmmm... Late at night I drift away somewhere I'm walking on the moon - talking to you there I miss you babe, oh I miss you In my empty room on a crowded avenue Oh I
Ian Hunter - Restless Youth
(Ian Hunter) He's much the same as anyone - He don't do what he's told He got hostile on his school report - and he leaves his mother cold His father owned a bakery - one day they found him hanged It a
Ian Hunter - Resurrection Mary
(Ian Hunter) (Studio version) (Transcribed by Justin Purington) In 1935 I was living in paradise, I had a friend up in Cicero. We used to go out to the track, we'd knock a few whiskeys back. I'd lose
Ian Hunter - Ripoff
(Ian Hunter) I don't wanna be no traitor to the cause But England is a luxury - not many can afford There's people going under - it's getting out of hand Whatever happened to our - our green and pleasa
Ian Hunter - Seeing Double
(Ian Hunter) Doctor, doctor, am I alright? I keep on stayin' up - all through the night Smokin', drinkin', watchin' T.V. 'til the light It's been a long time since I slept All I seem to think about is
Ian Hunter - Shades Off (spoken)
(Ian Hunter) Where do you go when you've somewhere to run But the time isn't right and there's things to be done And you're trapped half-way up, you don't want to go back So you keep going on - comprom
Ian Hunter - Shallow Crystals
(Ian Hunter) Her life gets smaller in his eyes And he wonders if he thinks he should cry Oh mother the colour's gone and left your hair And he wonders if he thinks he should care She told him how to p
Ian Hunter - Skeletons (In Your Closet)
(Ian Hunter/Darrel Bath/Honest John Plain) (Transcribed by Adrian Perkins; corrections by Colin Ford) Bimbo, flirts, sluts in skirts - muscles brightly glisten Conversation's full of filth - let's all h
Ian Hunter - Soap And Water
(Ian Hunter) I can't believe what you did, you know - you just can't let it go I'm sick 'n' tired of listening to your innuendo I can't believe what you did, you know - you sawed me in half When I was
Ian Hunter - Something To Believe In
(Ian Hunter) (Transcribed by Justin Purington; minor corrections by Colin Ford) Well I lay underneath an ageless sky I watched the universe breathing There's more going on up there than meets the eye
Ian Hunter - Still Love Rock N Roll
(Ian Hunter) Way back in the 50's - you never said a wrong word People were clean - people were mean Children should be seen, but children should be not heard You learned to keep your mouth shut - you
Ian Hunter - Sweet Dreamer
(D. Gibson/Mick Ronson) (Instrumental)
Ian Hunter - Tell It Like It Is
(Ian Hunter/Mick Ronson) Do you remember truth-you used to tell it everyday Oh what a feelin'-there was nuthin' in the way I won't get excited- if you don't slash your wrists oh oh oh-something is grav
Ian Hunter - The Artful Dodger
(Ian Hunter) (Transcribed by Adrian Perkins; minor correction by Colin Ford) How ya doin' - all right? I-I-I spy with my little eye Something beginning with you Drool drool drool nearly fell off me st
Ian Hunter - The Loner
(Ian Hunter) I was born On the 3rd of June-hard labor-Gemini moon I was raised In a country town-livin' dead were all puttin' me down And my flesh and blood-my flesh and blood Kicked me out - they n
Ian Hunter - Theatre Of The Absurd
(Ian Hunter) My tea turned seven shades darker as I sit 'n' write these words and London's gettin' paler in my theatre of the absurd. You figured for an evening and you made it all worthwile. It's s
Ian Hunter - To Love A Woman
(Ian Hunter) To love a woman Lost and lonely through the night My baby doesn't hear me right Cross my heart and hope to die The words won't come although I try It's there beneath me deep and strong
Ian Hunter - Walk On Water
(Ian Hunter/McNasty) (Transcribed by Justin Purington) Little flame tormented soul tried to get lost in all that rock and roll Came crashing through here like some hurricane too much too soon for you
Ian Hunter - Wash Us Away
(Ian Hunter) On the very first decade that we got to dream in Our fathers were angry, our mother's were screamin' At the clothes we were wearin' and the music we got off on Hitler was dead, welcome to
Ian Hunter - Who Do You Love
(Ian Hunter) Driving off in the rain and snow Oh the jets ain't jumping cause the clouds too low I wanna know I wanna know I wanna know The ice on the window the highway the sea Who do you love is i
Ian Hunter - You Nearly Did Me In
(Ian Hunter) See lonely shadows - silver needles Abandoned in the evening war Lost children of the night - come catch the candle bright I hear a hollow sound - falling to the ground - she's lost before


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