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I Voted For Kodos - Calc Lecture Girl
There's 400 people in my calc lecture there's only one that I think about I don't give a damn for the others but there's one girl who makes me wanna twist and shout One day she sat next to me nowh
I Voted For Kodos - Going Down
They always told me you shouldn't play with gasoline all it takes is just one spark and you'll start a fire but I said fuck it and I doused myself and lit a match and now I’m burning up, now I’m goi
I Voted For Kodos - Httpwww Dumped Com
Lyrics Currently Unavailable
I Voted For Kodos - Just Want You To Know
Called me up again late last night Said you and your boyfriend had got in a fight Saw him with another girl today He was never good to you anyway You know your friends always hated him so Should have
I Voted For Kodos - Shallow Grave
He never wanted it like this Just for once, (he'd) like to be greeted with a kiss But he's scared of his own home She never leaves him alone For twenty-three years he stood quietly While she took his
I Voted For Kodos - What Happens Next
Come on, say something please What do you want me down on my knees I don't know what to do To make this all up to you And the situation's really got me down It gets worse when ever you're around I kn
I Voted For Kodos - Wish I Was Aaron
Well here we are now, we're playing a show Seems like we've got such a long way to go 'cause we want to be big stars, don't you know 19 seems so old, when I see a little girl that I want to hold she'
I Voted For Kodos - You Never Asked Me To
You could never think, of just what to say You never asked me to, now I've gone away I wanted to tell, what I felt for you But when the time came round, you never asked me to Now look what's happened t


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