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I Mother Earth - 0157H7
I dreamt the red whale song Hold the moment strong Then the moment's gone I never can get enough Again without the words Again without the someone who will Afford me some This is me hangin' o
I Mother Earth - All Awake
Look for me to climb fallen trees in yellow summer look for me in wide falling fields of bohemia all awake with a heavy hand holding me down I stay all awake in the only fear of falling hall of fame we'r
I Mother Earth - And The Experience
Snowin' in July My girls mouth on my toes Complainin' old ghosts In bedsheets of love Christmas In my legs A strange start to summer But I gave it all up In time to wonder Just when I thought I k
I Mother Earth - Another Sunday
Sunday... Always hard to get to sleep when Weird noises are implying threats On cold sheets I sweat On any other day It's all rest and flowers And a long night of nothing In the morning some coffee
I Mother Earth - Autumn On Drugs
A worn old suitcase so what if it's broken, hopeless a little odd in a splash of autumn on drugs, holding all weight for me the weight of me and i need it like a friend needs me for a friend I can feel
I Mother Earth - Basketball
I'm barefoot, bristling Solitude On my rooftop, solid So like this come of stars Staring at me Who's out there? I can see the girl Across the way She can't see me And I touch myself With just a l
I Mother Earth - Blacksox
I'm afraid of a sure thing of a change in the here and now and the force when it hits me the full weight of it when I'm down The fucking air in the city when the phase-shifting sign is off if this ship
I Mother Earth - Cloud Pump
I could settle down then take it slow do the right thing and gain twenty pounds before next spring when senses are dull and I hear the rain will fall for sure that would be something soulful Get it stra
I Mother Earth - Gargantua
Though the sign says "Monterey: forty light years from right here, " We'll go anyway got a head start on the clouds as the view, dream-like, rolls away, while every song you hate is playing in your he
I Mother Earth - I Is Us
Even in the wreck house of a promise Even in the gem blow of an awe fist Everyone's an air flow through the blonde dirt Everyone's an asshole in the wonder When every commotion controls my wants
I Mother Earth - Juicy
Hey alright That killer's overpaid I never liked avenging angels How good are they? That killer's got it made Who's got the stones? Who's gonna be the goat? Who's gonna find the love in dange
I Mother Earth - Levitate
Feel Heavy Once Felt it... Hard Question an answer For a thousand days Give birth to the Earth Then let it drift away Open and flow Just swinging forever Making love to the ground Because it just
I Mother Earth - Like A Girl
Can't think a straight line beyond the hill It seems like a mountain next to an ocean behind A thrill almost in my reach If there's a way I could Feel the face of intelligence I'm a man, I would under
I Mother Earth - Lost my america
A chair in the corner One leg broken And a whisper in the hall There's frustration Another walk around the room A loss of direction Before the start Some say a lot With few words spoken
I Mother Earth - Love Your Starfish
To hesitate, to reel and stutter in a free fall to eat your grapes and slow the runner you just need calm Don't let me down I'm already down like a rubber band pulled between two hands in a slow defianc
I Mother Earth - No One
Shades of gray Hate influence A constant truth Put into effect The question On a dead friends face The tragic Stance he used to TAKE PISSED away BY circumstance A forced exit out of Innocence Th
I Mother Earth - Not Quite Sonic
Not yet sonic But I'd like to reach the point Where I can say Yes I am But it always seems to be About sensibilities And not who's listening No I'm not quite sonic What's real in the art school Wh
I Mother Earth - One More Astronaut
One more astronaut in black skin Of universe One more travellin' man With heavy tired eyes, feeling cold Thinking around the clock of drinking On the job, of the powdered food And piss bags, never ha
I Mother Earth - Pisser
Lost all my friends pulling down my Pants just to say hi and I'm still Alive without a tan, trippin', naked man, Through the forest who like me Has fallen right into a kind of grace Drinking from a ri
I Mother Earth - Production
This man May have a shitload To prove He's got to settle a score Against the groove Infinite orgasm Like endless joy and pain Thunder to my ears Like a holy rain An aural wall of waking Awash in
I Mother Earth - Rain Will Fall
Lookin' At the world go Trying to understand Electric wind blowin' like A demon fan Or a symphony of hatred Blowin angst Off an immaculate stage How tranquil is an ocean Before a storm Like a sil
I Mother Earth - Raspberry
Held in hands, a warm cup Of skin always taken in by peers And friends and the heightened fears Over the years Now I know I'm not like everyone In this head I see the ground You came from, unknown, u
I Mother Earth - Sense Of Henry
There they are Alive, on the move, pretty young, Still unproven though they love Restless young zeroes in a haze Of reckless blind faith taking their Own sweet time to write and rhyme Their ending A
I Mother Earth - Shortcut To Moncton
Between the doors, shakin' heads and thinking Light about who you're with, where you are Blue lightning hittin' trees and lighting Roads won't let me get too down 'cause Sometimes you can be let down
I Mother Earth - So Gently We Go
Fill my head with Your nonsense You can breathe my breath Till I turn red Close your eyes Try to follow me If you close your eyes You can become me You can park your shoes On my front step Then g
I Mother Earth - Summertime In The Void
i felt the break and roll of the nexus on a day when the whole world elected to sell us out there are the hands that grab my attention when all is what i'm giving they slow me down slower then southern
I Mother Earth - The mothers
Listen to the Mothers A surreal sound of eight-legged groove A serving of today's psycadellicasy (And) when you embrace this sonic mural We will be together, our spirits mad survivors
I Mother Earth - The Universe In You
It's just a thing with you A spacious place Infininte Dangerous Promising Black with white This night Years of tears, emotion Held like so... inside Autumn Dogs Saturday Nervousness Blood Dru
I Mother Earth - Three Days Old
The poetry of this hangover I don't want to think, not Too hard anyway The scenery and fish, they're bad Take another breath, another look and swallow Holding the hand of hard times And fallout It c
I Mother Earth - Undone
Living alone, body shaking Cars outside They're singing their songs The candles wave And I get to thinking How people see things And deal with them In different ways Trying to move forward Like a
I Mother Earth - Used To Be Alright
It's pretty good, the wine The way that we look at Ten to eight in the morning Just talking, still awake in Dawn and dew drinking, thinking Always... Remembering the laughs, the time We got high for
I Mother Earth - When Did You Get Back From Mars
We never thought that you were gone until we turned the lights on and spoke to your god but he ain't saying nothing, except for some thing about your life going to waste in more ways then one I never li


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