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I Hate Myself - And Keep Reaching For Those Stars
i want to be in a motercycle gang gangreen and mean and fucked up all the time. picture me on the back of a harley leather-clad and bad and driving fifty-five. i want to see things i'll never get to se
I Hate Myself - Conversation With Dr Seussicide
under a red sky, i told her, i want to die. and how i cry with no concrete reason why and have bad dreams every night, or every other night. i feel sickly, like i am lost at sea. and all the girls i us
I Hate Myself - Destroy All Monsters
someday i'll show you around a monster-free tokyo, and out footsteps will be light. the future will be bright.
I Hate Myself - Kind Of A Long Way Down
crawled out the window on the fourteenth floor. said, i don't know, then didn't say anymore. she used the window instead of the door. now I'm alone up on the fourteenth floor. But I'm not high. I'm not
I Hate Myself - Not Waving But Drowning
was further out than you thought wind-swept and current-caught. not knee-deep, but out to sea. slipped off the boat that we bought. water, water everywhere, but nowhere a drop to drink. i'm floating,
I Hate Myself - Polar Bear Summer
the sun is shining on me, finally. finally. and you walk so gracefully. why don't you walk with me? things are turning green and changing, and it smells sweet. birds have come from out at sea, and the
I Hate Myself - To A Husband At War
things are here, and you're over there and in between: land, sea, everything i hope you're warm, and i hope you think of me, and the way things used to be. yesterday, a telegram said that you had died,


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