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I Against I - All By Yourself
i know you're waiting for so long, waiting for a sign. a sign that someone cares about you. but life is hard the way we live, putting each other down. killing people in our minds.... we gotta hide it all,
I Against I - Chaos Days
you claim to be so politically correct but you jump to conclusions without backing(?) the facts. and anarchy is a solution to you and it follows you that the desire was to fool. society may seem so hazardo
I Against I - I Wanna Hold Your Hand
oh yeah i'll tell you something, i think you'll understand. when i say that something, i wanna hold your hand, i wanna hold your hand, i wanna hold your hand. o please say to me, you'll let me be your man.
I Against I - Lesson To Be Learned
i guess i'm really not that smart 'cause if i was i would have seen it all form the start. you kept repeating i'm in love. you just never said that it's not me you were thinking of. but now you're gone and
I Against I - Look Inside
why don't you take a look at yourself? stop acting like you don't need help. 'cause you have got your failures too. so look inside of you. a lot of people dont' know themselves. because they never have bee
I Against I - Maybe Tomorrow
maybe today i will finally find the handful of words that bring peace of mind. 'cause yesterday left me with nothing at all, i can't change a thing i'm feeling so small...but as i'm waiting i'm losing the
I Against I - Ordinary Fight
you'd think we might have learned from the problems that occurred. but it seems i'm truly wrong there. the war was useless. but what did it teach us. you use violence and hatred again.... they say it's jus
I Against I - Passed Me By
i'm 21 my life has just begun. but already i'm in pain. i feel like i'm insane. i don't know how i could express myself. the words are hard to find. i cannot clear my mind.... each night i sit at home. i c
I Against I - Stumble And Stare
i'd rather not see you 'cause i'd like to see you again. i'd rather not see you 'cause you'd see the geek i am. i wish that i knew you, i don't. i just wanna hold you, i won't. i'm just afraid you'll say n
I Against I - The Bottom
sitting all curled up inside, the only place where i can hide. where i can hide. i'll just put up a fake smile, that ought to fool them for a while. why should they know? they don't know who i am, still th
I Against I - Time
time is a difficult thing. you can get lost for years and then don't know where you've been. and when you are 81, you are wondering where the years that you have passed have gone.... is that really why the
I Against I - Top Of The World
where can i go for a warm place tonight? where can i go for a safe place to hide? i hope it's close to you 'cause you're the only girl. the one that makes me feel like i'm on top of the world. and you'll n


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