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Hatesphere - Believer
I give you the teddy to put you in bed And here's an axe to chop off your head I give you a pill to cure your disease And here's a gun to put you to peace - put you to peace We chop each other half and
Hatesphere - Deeper And Deeper
Come with me my friend I'll take you to a place where heads are rolling Can you hear the bells? The ring for you my friend Sounding louder forevermore You cover your ears Cause this is what I tell:
Hatesphere - Disbeliever
Covered in skin Covered in sin It's all about reaching out And then begin, then begin To feel the shadows coming in It knows how to feed me And beat me It knows how, how to treat me And beat me Ke
Hatesphere - Hell Is Here
Come on stranger play with me Now we're in the dark you see Nervously you ask from me If this is how it's gonna be You damn your eyes, they see too much And pray your lord for deafness The mind revol
Hatesphere - Insanity Arise
Feel the gain in your vein Break loose and go insane Don't mingle with the mute, but stand to my demand Let us be creative, like the native People who hunt and pray to seek the day It's not in pre-his
Hatesphere - Intro
Hatesphere - Kicking Ahead
My mind is closed for repairs So don't get in my way I am kicking ahead And I don't care what you say I can hardly resist To be cruel like it is, like it is I am kicking ahead And I don't take any p
Hatesphere - Low Life Vendetta
Your ugly face keeps haunting my soul Won't wash away, won't leave this hell hole Like a parasite, not wanted here Why won't you disappear... The ride will end, and so will you Now found your smell, I
Hatesphere - Plague
The road was paved long ago While your progress still goes slow Although you felt a freeze You kept on walking on Now you're begging please Why do you rip off When you should fuck off Strumming, hum


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