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Halo Friendlies - Acid Wash
Your eastcoast smile Wasn't worth my while Boy I'm afraid You're coming back again Just fade out Just fade away Into my past Like acid wash Look out now Here he comes Look out girls Cuz he's a c
Halo Friendlies - Anything For You
wish i knew how to be the color blue cause it hangs around when no one else can comfort you if you want to be alone then just say so 'cause the power is yours because you took my heart and you have my
Halo Friendlies - Cry Of Job
sifted out like grain touched by the fire again the day turns into darkness i drown my despair where is my hope and comfort? do i have strength of stone? i long to see your face take me out of this
Halo Friendlies - Falling Away
I'll be one and you'll be two I'll be three and you'll be four I'll give you five but you'll want more Cuz every single day you just take a little more You got what you wanted but now you're leaving Y
Halo Friendlies - FlakeO (On My ScalpO)
heard you were hangin' around heard you're askin' about me boy, i never thought i'd see your face again well let the sentiments fall where they may 'cause i'm too tired to cry or even care if you woul
Halo Friendlies - Hush
Who says my time is up Who says my light is out Why do they hang around Why do I have to shout? My simple days they're slipping away And I'm stuck in here trying to get away From all the eyes that ar
Halo Friendlies - Jackie Chan
i met this boy and i thought he liked me i met him at this punk rock show last week his friends had said i was pretty and sweet we went to in 'n out and had a couple drinks but we lost in contact now
Halo Friendlies - Jackie Chan (Remix)
I met this boy and I thought he liked me I met him at this punk rock show last week His friends had said I was pretty and sweet We went to In 'N Out and had a couple drinks But we lost in contact Now
Halo Friendlies - Just Like You
i'm cynical always available waiting for my number to be called i'm skeptical i can't control it don't know if i ever will get caught i don't need someone to tell me who i am i don't need a lot of w
Halo Friendlies - Light Prayer
one two three looking at me so much to fix seven eight nine are you here all the time? the light keeps coming through the holes in my mind but i'll probably never fill them 'cause i've never got the
Halo Friendlies - Love Sick
i call you up but you're not home so i drive by and spy on you your car is there and the lights are on where are you, my mr. right? i know you're got a lot of fans but if you just give me a chance you'd
Halo Friendlies - Milwaukee
i met you in milwaukee in between the heat and rain i hoped that you would talk to me i hoped that you would feel the same i made my way to you to my surprise my heart stopped and all i felt were bu
Halo Friendlies - New Wave
the new wave it takes over and pretty things won't be the same a sonic crash will rip it open a blaze of glory will be your last
Halo Friendlies - Nice Guys
I've never felt this way about anyone No not anyone Now I'm on my way I've never been this close around anyone No not anyone Who makes me feel this way When you're near my heart beats a thousand mile
Halo Friendlies - Over It
i know what you're thinking i know where you're going and i know what you're doing now i know all the things that oh yeah you used to tell me i know you're telling her right now and all the times you
Halo Friendlies - Run Away
You never notice me But you've got a lot to see I know just just the thing you want or need A love that lasts beyond the years I won't let you down I won't leave you alone at night Or alone by day C
Halo Friendlies - Safe In The Cradle
how long will i go on turning my back and closing my eyes wishing you were here but pretening you're dead it's not so bad here in mediocraty no one expects much of me but i think of you and your thoug
Halo Friendlies - Selfish
my thoughts are so clear i can't take back the times when we were so free it's like a dream to me but never would i see you and me in the troubles of this year you and me in the troubles of this year
Halo Friendlies - Sellout
i wear it so well, no one else can tell what is inside once i was a servent, once i was a sucker i was such a sellout but i don't want to tell you twice but were you lost or were you found? and do
Halo Friendlies - Sunrise Surprise (Dance Remix)
even the sun gets blue when you're gone i look for you the moon would blush if it read my mind i think of you sunrise surprise sunrise surprise gets in my eyes the stars would fall out of the sky
Halo Friendlies - Unhappy Trails
the yellow sun shines but i wouldn't know it's lights' lost in vain time just drags on i'll take another nap at least it kills the day if seeming is believing if seeming is believing if seeming is
Halo Friendlies - Unsaid Goodbyes
wasn't such a bad time for us cause we were young i think about the good times driving under moonlight low tides and lullabyes do you remember it too and i was on the telephone telling you to come h


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