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Hall and Oates - Abandoned Luncheonette
They sat in an Abandoned Luncheonette sipping imaginary cola and drawing faces in the tabletop dust His voice was rusty from years as a sergeant on this man's army they were old and crusty She was twen
Hall and Oates - Africa
Lyrics & Music: John Oates My Baby went to Africa With the dirty lens photographer My Baby stayin' in jungle land With a U S body and a real light tan My Baby went to Africa With a make-up man and hi
Hall and Oates - All American Girl
Skin tight soul delight Changing her life for another She dreams magazines Sees herself on the cover Anything anytime anywhere It's fitting in that matters Faithfully she believes in the look he want
Hall and Oates - All You Want Is Heaven
Words & Music: J. Oates What's the point of standing ten feet tall if you never learn to fall If you want to win you've got to play the game but if you lose you must accept the pain so don't reach for
Hall and Oates - Alley Katz
(Words by Daryl Hall & John Oates Music by Daryl Hall) Put on your feline finery Da' Katz are meeting down below If you feel like rocking with a Tabby, Tom, and Calico It'll dirty up your pedigree But
Hall and Oates - Bad Habits And Infections
Come to me like I'm the doctor Say you need someone to talk ta' You want advice go ask your mother One bad turn deserves another 'Cause I've been cursed with your infection Makin' my head hurt makin'
Hall and Oates - Beanie G And The Rose Tattoo
Come here talkin', like a schoolboy fool Cute and rotten Ooh, Beanie G. and your Rose Tattoo Keep on rockin' like the Geator say (keep on) White clogs knockin' Oh, oh, oh, Beanie G. wonder can you pla
Hall and Oates - Bigger Than Both Of Us
There's a million like us so we're not alone A million like us tho' I can't think of one There must be a million people who are pulling apart And they don't know how to stop it, can't stop it when
Hall and Oates - Camellia
(John Oates) Opening night, nothing new Atlanta Into the spotlight, one more time Just in time to play To one man and an empty table He was drinking down the pain All he could say was this lady's nam
Hall and Oates - Change Of Season
Oh, I need a change of season Oh, I want a little springtime in the fall Oh, I could use a change of season Can't stop thinkin' about it baby And I'm sick about it yeah Oh, I've been trying to fight t
Hall and Oates - Crazy Eyes
Pardon the crazy way I behave And the things I say Maybe I’m too young to know the score But there’s something inside not right Wish I could vocalize If I screamed would you realize Feeling Iike
Hall and Oates - Crime Pays
Music: Hall Lyrics: Hall/Oates/S. Allen I know you know all the pros and cons They help you get to everything you want Greasing policemen bending all the rules Make them an offer that they can't ref
Hall and Oates - Diddy Doo Wop (I Heart The Voices)
Lyrics & Music: Daryl Hall, John Oates Look at me, I'm running Ooh, what have I done Oh, I must have hurt someone Dark in subway station Gimme place to hide Oh, I hear the Voices deep inside And the
Hall and Oates - Do What You Want, Be What You Are
Do What You Want, Be What You Are Do what you want girl, but be what you are there ain't no right er wrong way Just a play from the heart lt ain't a sign of weakness to give yourself away Because the
Hall and Oates - Everywhere I Look
We always try to be so honest but we're so serious We have an understanding but that can't carry soul far enough Green flag is rising and baby green means go New world on the horizon And who deserves t
Hall and Oates - Goodnight And Goodmorning
Funny how the times can change as fast as we can run Sad to say we had to part when the fun had just begun Now he night is over And I'm waiting for the day we can be together And we can say Goodnight a
Hall and Oates - Gotta Lotta Nerve (Perfect Perfect)
Lyrics: Daryl Hall, John Oates, Sara Allen Music: Daryl Hall Oh, no, stop bitching indiscretion You're such an A-1 lover, since when are you perfection Never true blue to me, so why are you getting
Hall and Oates - Grounds For Separation
(Daryl Hall) Tin can sound and a dead-eyed crowd Can turn a sane man crazy and a crazy man sad I can fight with the best, but I can only go so many rounds And that's grounds for separation Preparation
Hall and Oates - Guessing Games
Music: Hall/J. Allen Lyrics: Hall When I met you I should've been warned Ooh I could see you change from day to day But you kept me guessing Playing for fun What'll you do what would you say Stran
Hall and Oates - Hard To Be In Love With You
Lyrics: Daryl Hall John Oates Music: Daryl Hall, John Oates, Neil Jason Don't want to face it but I know that it's time to go home I cannot say what I want to say when we're alone I've got to lea
Hall and Oates - Have I Been Away Too Long
(Words & music by Daryl Hall) There's a chance that I don't know you Maybe I won't like you It's a long It's such a long Lady it's been a long time We were lovers in a different story Can you duplic
Hall and Oates - Heavy Rain
Heavy rain, lightning too Heavy rain, when I'm with you Seems like a thousand years SInce we both felt free We've seen a million faces All staring at you and me But just like Humphrey Bogart said Be
Hall and Oates - How Does It Feel To Be Back
lyrics & music: John Oates Please return, come back, I've been saving your place Too much time has elapsed-unreality-memory erases The rules and the rights and the wrongs don't apply Far apart - So tog
Hall and Oates - Intravino
Words: D. Hall, J. Oates, S. Allen Music: D. Hall Johnny Walker leaves me black and red and sick in the head Cuervo Gold so I'm told will make you useless in bed Gimme O.J. with my Stolichnaya and t
Hall and Oates - Kiss On My List
Lyrics & Music: Janna Allen, Daryl Hall My friends wonder why I call you all of the time What can I say I don't feel the need to give such secrets away You think maybe I need help, no, I know that I'm
Hall and Oates - Lady Rain
Chorus: Can you see my past Can you find my future Should I take it slower 'til my life is over Oh Lady Rain... is it I'll be going down in pain? Chorus: Lady Rain, lay your sobbin' hair down on my s
Hall and Oates - Lilly (Are You Happy)
Lilly, laughing lady, does your smile disguise the tears inside? Lilly, lonely lady, only silhouette your happy side. You give yourself to men who take your love. Then smile and watch them walk
Hall and Oates - Maneater
Music: Hall/Oates Lyrics: Hall/Oates/S. Allen She'll only come out at night The lean and hungry type Nothing is new, I've seen her here before Watching and waiting She's sitting with you but her ey
Hall and Oates - Melody For A Memory
(Words & Music by John Oates) One for the money One song I’m writing for you And if you can’t take me with you girl Take this Melody for a Memory Love in the morning love in the late af
Hall and Oates - Method Of Modern Love
M-E-T-H-O-D-O-F-L-O-V-E M-E-T-H-O-D-O-F-L-O-V-E In the moon-light Under star-light Songs old as the night are what I've been dreaming of Everybody's hard as iron Locked in a modern world Dreams are
Hall and Oates - Missed Opportunity
Music by Daryl Hall Lyrics by Daryl Hall, John Oates, Sara Allen Keep on missing each other Our world's out of order All I see is Missed Opportunity Will we ever learn In trouble where will we turn
Hall and Oates - One On One
Music & Lyrics: Hall I'm tired of playing on the team It seems I don't get time out anymore What a change if we set the pace face to face No one even trying to score Oh oh I can feel the magic of you
Hall and Oates - Open All Night
Music: Hall Lyrics: Hall/S. Allen I know how you spent your time Too many people know you weren't alone Your after hours followed you home Oh I heard, he said She was open all night While I was
Hall and Oates - Out Of Me, Out Of You
(Daryl Hall/John Oates) I need you more than anyone else in the world But what you need more than me is the help I can give to you girl That's what you need You can make it happen I can show you the w
Hall and Oates - Out Of The Blue
You said you never loved me, it was all a Iie Don't you know spite is a weakling's emotion You said you didn't know, but you didn't try And when you gave up it killed my devotion Told me you ran around
Hall and Oates - Out of touch
Shake it up is all that we know Using the bodies up as we go Waking up to fantasy The shates all around aren't the colors we used to see Broken ice still melts in the sun And times that are broken can
Hall and Oates - Rich Girl
You're a rich girl, and you've gone too far 'Cause you know it don't matter anyway You can rely on the old man's money You can rely on the old man's money I t's a bitch girl but it's gone too far
Hall and Oates - Rockability
Music by John Oates Lyrics by Daryl Hall, John Oates, Sara Allen Standing on the sideline Waiting for the right time That girl knows her part Jammin' with my heart Didn't wanna be here But now that
Hall and Oates - Room To Breathe
All you want is the shadow behind me Don't you know that it's nowhere to stand What if I didn't call you tomorrow Maybe you'd fall apart after that You keep it so tight l can't stand it There’s
Hall and Oates - Running From Paradise
Words: D. Hall, S. Allen Music : D. Hall I caught you staring at the ceiling captured by the mirror up there OK OK I see the separation makin love down here while you're watching in the air If you'
Hall and Oates - Sara Smile
Baby hair with a woman's eyes I can feel you're watching in the night All alone with me and we're waiting for the sunlight When I feel cold, you warm me And when I feel I can't go on, you come and hold
Hall and Oates - So Close
They met on the dance floor in the old high school gym, He fell like a rock, she kinda liked him. And his heart beat like thunder, as they moved cross the floor, When the music was over, she slipped out
Hall and Oates - Some Men
Lyrics & Music: Daryl Hall Some Men call half way around the world if they've got a phone game to play Then again some men call their mom every day Old boys drink bad beer and throw the cans out in the
Hall and Oates - Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid
I feel like I could run away Looking at a darker day Oh I'm pulling the shades away from my eyes It's true the moody manners come and go And it's better that you never know Some things are better left
Hall and Oates - Soul Love
Music by Daryl Hall, Holly Knight Lyrics by Daryl Hall, Holly Knight I can believe that you love me The way you set this soul on fife Typical talk in the daytime At Nite - only hot desire I can do an
Hall and Oates - Starting All Over Again
Starting all over again is gonna be rough, so rough But we're gonna make it Starting all over as friends is gonna be rough, on us But we gotta face it We lost what we had That's why it hurt so bad It
Hall and Oates - Thank You For
Thank you for walking Thank you for spending one day, with a stranger Good morning. Hello! Choose a color, carnation we'll walk along. Down round the pond, up the hill bricks and steeples
Hall and Oates - The Empytness
I spent last night trying to write to you But the words wouldn't come, I couldn't go on And the telephone won't do I'm sick and tired of hearing You're never home Yet I'm sick in the head and the
Hall and Oates - They Needed Each Other
They started as children and grew to be friends He with his sculptor's hands she with her needle They went through some bitter times alone and together They were lovers and friends, but friends more tha
Hall and Oates - Throw The Roses Away
Words can never change What our hearts have denied And all the sweet memories Won't bring the love back to life And the more that we try The more it's gonna make you see No words, hopes, anything Wi
Hall and Oates - Winged Bull
Well I'm looking at her from a rock & roll tower With the windows, its eyes And its black stained sides that can't be climbed cause they're slick as wet glass And the gate lets the force out, b
Hall and Oates - You Make My Dreams
Lyrics: Daryl Hall, John Oates, Sara Allen Music: Daryl Hall What I want, you've got And it might be hard to handle But like the flame that burns the candle The candle feeds the flame What I've go
Hall and Oates - Your Imagination
Lyrics & Music: Daryl Hall I remember when I used to be the jealous kind I got over it, now you're taking over my old line You're caring too much about what I say You're wondering too much about


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