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Halford (Rob Halford) - Betrayal
Will you go to heaven Will you land in hell Are the things you're praying for The things that serve you well? Did you get satisfaction Have you paid the price Can you look me in the eye Say you foun
Halford (Rob Halford) - Beyond The Realms Of Death
[Halford/Binks] He'd had enough he couldn't take anymore He found a place in his mind and slammed the door No matter how they tried they couldn't understand They washed and dressed him fed him by hand
Halford (Rob Halford) - Blackout
[Meine/Schenker/Rarebell/Kittelsen] [Originally performed by Scorpions] [Bonus Track] I realize I missed the day But I'm too wrecked to care anyway I look around and see the face What the hell have I
Halford (Rob Halford) - Breaking The Law
[Halford/Downing/Tipton] There I was completely wasting Out of work and down All inside it's so frustrating As I drift from town to town Feel as though nobody cares If I live or die So I might as we
Halford (Rob Halford) - Crucible
The cause of my affliction Can never be resolved A case for self infliction Whose sin can't be dissolved Lost in a room of mirrors There's only one way out But suicide is easy When all you have is d
Halford (Rob Halford) - Crystal
Smell your world when you come I won't make a victim I lie awake and I'm forsaken From all the holes in my time You saved up for this true lie The devil bides her time in waiting And still she comes
Halford (Rob Halford) - Cyberworld
[Halford/Chlasciak/Z] You're trapped inside my cyber world Consumed up as my web unfurls No secrets left for your mankind. My virus lurks throughout your veins I'm spreading there inside your brain A
Halford (Rob Halford) - Drive
[Halford/Roy Z/Marlette] I've got you under my wheels now baby That's where you belong I've got you under my wheels now baby I'll drive you all night long I've got you under my wheels now baby There'
Halford (Rob Halford) - Electric Eye
[Halford/Downing/Tipton] Up here in space I'm looking down on you My lasers trace Everything you do You think you're private lives Think nothing of the kind There is no true escape I'm watching all
Halford (Rob Halford) - Fugitive
A desert moon is rising Down that road's a distant place A home where I have run from A town where I can't show my face I put myself before you I should have known where that would lead No one had to
Halford (Rob Halford) - Genocide
[Tipton/KK/Halford] Mercenary battalions Are poised to strike us down Terminations conquest Upon us now full grown Save me my hearts open wide Help me no question of pride Save me my people have die
Halford (Rob Halford) - Golgotha
Golgotha, rise up from your tomb Devil's had a taste of holy water Lost children need your guiding hand Take them through the fire of the promised land Now we've come together We're all waiting for a
Halford (Rob Halford) - Heart Of A Lion
[Halford/Downing/Tipton] Crashing through the city streets Caught in the glare of the midnight sun I've got wings upon my feet But locked as I run Now you're just a breath away From knocking me sense
Halford (Rob Halford) - Heretic
The way you look at me Feel all your hatred building I won't be what you see A nation built for killing The color of the skin Dividing church's saviors The wars that you begin Reflect in your behavi
Halford (Rob Halford) - Into The Pit
[Halford] Bear witness to treason Abeyance they cower Compulsion of liars Addicted to power Into the pit Into the pit Conspiring for sation Malfeasance on high Obstruction of duty Disorder will r
Halford (Rob Halford) - Intro
Halford (Rob Halford) - Jawbreaker
[Halford/Downing/Tipton] Deadly as the viper Peering from its coil The poison there is coming to the boil Ticking like a time bomb The fuse is running short On the verge of snapping if it's caught A
Halford (Rob Halford) - Life In Black
[Halford] Life in black You never were there for me No never at all You never took care of me You just watched me fall Life in black Life in black I placed all my faith in you I needed you here C
Halford (Rob Halford) - Made In Hell
[Halford/Baxter/Z] From memories of '68 when the wizard shook the world Metal came from foundries where the midlands sound unfurled The bullring was a lonely place of concrete towers and steel The coal
Halford (Rob Halford) - Nailed To The Gun
[Halford] Sig sauer. Victim of a system's non-control Devour, striking terror into every soul Communication breakdown onto self destruction Schizophrenic people breeding hate Pessimistic thinking from
Halford (Rob Halford) - Night Fall
[Halford/Lachman/Chlasciak] Your love is killing me, it draws me to the dark Your veil of ecstacy, that leaves the telling mark The spell you cast inside, is stabbing through my heart It reaches deep w
Halford (Rob Halford) - One Will
I see the gods in the arena They stand beneath the blinding lights The roar becomes a deafening silence In reverence before the fight One will live tonight One will die tonight One will stand and On
Halford (Rob Halford) - Prisoner Of Your Eyes
[Halford/Downing/Tipton/Lachman] When I saw your face I Became a prisoner of your eyes And I would do most anything To stay and be with you. How did we go wrong? I can't believe it's over Tell me wh
Halford (Rob Halford) - Riding On The Wind
[Halford/Downing/Tipton] Shooting for the stars Cruise the speed of light Glowing god of mars Body burning bright We'll I'm riding, riding on the wind Yes I'm riding, riding on the wind Tearing up t
Halford (Rob Halford) - Running Wild
[Tipton] I move as fast as I can I like to get around I'm crazy like a mad man My feet don't touch the ground I move amongst the night life And they just step aside 'cos when they see me coming The
Halford (Rob Halford) - Sad Wings
[Halford/Lachman/Chlasciak] Who can say they've never made mistakes? Only fools will suffer what they make Owning up rids poison when you can Admitting you were wrong makes you a man It's every where
Halford (Rob Halford) - Savior
[Halford/Lachman/Z] I'm set to paralyze I'm older so I'm wise I have been crucified With words personified Here I am now, I'm your savior There can be only one I'm the master, past and future Now t
Halford (Rob Halford) - Screaming In The Dark
[Halford] Inner world trance of the lifeless souls Search and destroy of the damned Turning the grave of the bleached out bones Rise of the ghosts of bedlam Lay on the blade of the cold guillotine Fe
Halford (Rob Halford) - Silent Screams
[Halford/Marlette] Look at me I'm chasing After dreams left in the storm. What I am is all that Really matters now The lies are gone. Tempting fate and losing Friends along the way I loved. No regr
Halford (Rob Halford) - Slow Down
[Halford/Marlette/Z] Let it be Still my anger Bring me peace From my temper I'm trying every way I can I'm doing wrong I understand Let it be - slow down - watch the pressure fall Bring me peace -
Halford (Rob Halford) - Stained Class
[Halford/Tipton] Wild eyed and tight fisted I'm fused to the bone I stand contemplating Reacting alone Impaled with betrayal The tourniquet turns Society's creation Pole axed out and burnt Long ag
Halford (Rob Halford) - Sun
I, want to steer for the sun For the day has begun It's saying, it's saying My, soul just wanted to freeze To collapse and to seize From the waiting You, know it matters to me That I have to rage fr
Halford (Rob Halford) - Temptation
[Halford/Lachman/Chlasciak/Roy Z] I know what's going on inside your crooked mind I've been around too long to know about your kind I made you feel I was a victim of your prey I let you tie me down tho
Halford (Rob Halford) - The Hellion
[Halford/Downing/Tipton] [Instrumental]
Halford (Rob Halford) - Trail Of Tears
Such desperation Left you in shame This bitter harvest Bearing all the blame Man will never end your suffering Stealing all your years God is with you but won't save you From your Trail of Tears Fr
Halford (Rob Halford) - Twist
[Bob Halligan Jr.] Got a grip like steel on wood This is all for your own good And If you wanna get away - wanna be free Wanna get anywhere but right here beside me - you'll have to Twist, twist, twis
Halford (Rob Halford) - Tyrant
[Halford/Tipton] Behold 'tis I the commander whose grip controls you all Resist me not surrender i'll no compassion call Tyrant captor of humanity Tyrant conqueror of all Tyrant hideous destructor Ty
Halford (Rob Halford) - Weaving Sorrow
You never know me Cause I won't let you in Not all I am Is on the surface Always concealing what Is lying within Ain't fellin' guilt When there's no purpose It's too late To turn around No tomorr
Halford (Rob Halford) - Wrath Of Gods
White swords of blinding razor light Blast round the earth Validating with immortal strength Courage of the brave From the aftermath of dust and flames Resilience soars Upon the searing light's refle


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