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Halfcocked - All By Myself
Tried to pull tried to squeeze just to get through it Tried to crawl on my knees, but I just wouldn't fit Well, I got no celebration 'Cuz I've lost my invitation I made my first reservation, but have n
Halfcocked - Drive Away
Electric hot pink You push me in and you pull me under When I start to sink Smell gasoline as the engine rumbles If I could drive away tonight If I could leave this tired life If I could find a way,
Halfcocked - Glitter
Wasted glitter on my feet Smokey flashes light my way Light sparkles on the last note that I dare to speak And just fall to sleep But it's not so sweet The days are dragging on So incomplete You wis
Halfcocked - Gun For Hire
Feeling like you don't exist Except on the bottom of some hit list You feel degraded And so X-rated You wonder how it ever came to this Now you're just a gun for hire You end up feeling like a liar
Halfcocked - Held Under
Shove it down Turn it off Barry all of the things you want Push it back Kick it in Just forget about where you've been Love, I thought you wanted to be held under Love, I thought you wanted to be H
Halfcocked - I Lied
I got something I know you want You say that I'm the sweetest lover your cherry bomb You got something you know I need I say that you're my favorite honey you make me sweet Oh, but I lied You're just
Halfcocked - Sell Out
She takes a sip and paints her nails a faded blue Adjusts her lash, just like her life, its come unglued An empty night, she stumbles out, the room is cold She wonders if the whole world knows she's all
Halfcocked - Sober
Bought my lover a new best friend To get him out of the rut he's in 800 options to pick through and He hasn't bid on a single brand But you're not What I want And I'm not What you need Order a Mil
Halfcocked - Taking Over
All this freedom is Making fun Of all the objects that I've overcome All this sunlight just Gets in my way Won't let me wallow in my own decay So I just stop I catch my breath And when it's over W
Halfcocked - Thanks For The Ride
Well I plug you in Turn you on And wait I twist you up 'Til you just Vibrate Thanks for the ride Thanks for the ride Thanks for the ride Oh, thank you Well I put you down while I Concentrate I
Halfcocked - Touch Down
I give in to the thrill of the moment Wash it down with the pills that I'm holding Just to numb all the thoughts that are coming up When I'm across from you And I don't want to be here But instead of


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