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Haggard - A Midnight Gathering (Outro)
In the woods we met you, stranger And though we don't know your face Taken your fiddle, come on over Sit down 'round the fireplace - Watch the flames are dancing higher They are longing for the sky
Haggard - Awaking The Centuries
Awaking the Centuries In the books of what will be Written by the demon lord? Never lift your head up to the east 'cause darkness wakes the best! Der Kerzen Schein Er leuchtet fahl Als das Sonnenlic
Haggard - Cantus Firmus In AMinor
Haggard - Charity Absurd
The murmur grows - until they rage It is not a scenery At this market-place in middle-ages Somebody - in the crowd - Speaks a prayer Hundred burning torches rise In their light appears the silhouette
Haggard - Courante
Haggard - Daddy Was Her First Man
A sweet girl of eleven years Within her brain: The darkest fear caught by absolute disaster Her virginity - lost to the own father There he comes with alcoholic breath Now her mind is fallen, emotions
Haggard - De La Morte Noire
Born through astral constellation Those pictures are now getting clearer Inside his head And sent by the highest god They start to rise from the deepest depth - My King - dead - no!!!!! Dying by the
Haggard - Heavenly Damnation
Suffering dementia Unchains the secret's bearer Unholy visions God forgive me! Are coming nearer - coming nearer, Amen! Lux perpetua, domine Dementia slowly unlightens the mind And satan steals the m
Haggard - In A Fullmoon Procession
As the evining breaks The night awakes And the land is mournfully wrapped in silence Sorrow last And remains the past cause this will be my ending day Then the moonlight dies And torches rise See t
Haggard - Incapsuled
Victim of a tragic accident To survive she really had no chance And they thought, that all in her had died But ONE part was still alive... So they couldn't hear The silent scream As they connected he
Haggard - Menuett
Haggard - Mind Mutilation
A teardrop falls down from eyelash The abusion has begun Say, is this the way YOU love me? All my might is gone... If your eyes are blind, I'll tell you I am one of the human race Don't you see that
Haggard - Origin Of A Crystal Soul
As dawn is weaving between fallen autumn leaves The poor ones gather under naked trees Asking how to survive, 'cause the winter breaks And medieval coldness now from a deep sleep awakes - Libera me do
Haggard - Pestilencia
Aides moi... Oh, il est tombe! Mais, qu'est-ce qu'il a? Saint vierge! Au secours! Venez! Venez! Venez! C'est la peste! C'est la peste! Sauve qui peut! Sauve qui peut! Dominus vobiscum Et cum spiritu
Haggard - Prophecy Fulfilled
[Prophecy Fulfilled] Out beneath the nightly sky Squat down on the ground His breath warms up the wintry air The truth hurts, that he found He might be the chisen one The one, allowed to see God's e
Haggard - Requiem In DMinor
Haggard - Saltorella La Manuelina
Haggard - Statement Zur Lage Der Musica
Haggard - The Day As Heaven Wept
One of man's darkest chapter, it has just begun In the sign of the cross they rise It's the epoch of the inquisition Too many brothers and sisters have died... - ...left with no life inside to be awak
Haggard - The Final Victory
We are writing the year 1543 AD, the time the black plaque struck Agen, here Michael Nostradamus lived with his wife and two children. He confidently began to treat his felow citizens, but - unfortunatel


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