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Hagen - A Summer Air
Somewhere in the distance I can hear A tune sweet and wistful a whispered air In the arms of a soft breeze 'cross these desolate downs As evening approaches when summer is young And next comes the sil
Hagen - June
The sun shines on my pillow as the dawn is breaking through The birds are singing merrily but I'm forever blue Blue for you It's June outside my window November in my heart If only we could try again
Hagen - Mother Nature
Mother nature can comfort and lead us Can shelter and feed us But she doesn't need us Mother nature can cheat and mistreat us Destroy and defeat us 'Cause she doesn't need us Mother nature can shelt
Hagen - Questions
Do you believe in antichrist do you believe in God Do you consider your pen as your sword or do you require blood Is love always for sale is money the tie that binds Would you sell your soul for fame or
Hagen - Remember
Remember us when you hear this song in a hundred years or more Just think of us as we think about you and you'll see that we're not gone Smile with us and we'll sing for you The song will last and we w
Hagen - Sundown
Sundown hurry on my way Sundown please come back and stay Sundown satisfy my need Sundown set me free Spare my weary eyes From the blinding lights Let the full moon rise Bring on the night Sundow
Hagen - The Northwinds Blow
My love is gone across the ocean Sailed away across the sea We made a vow said we'll make it somehow I guess it wasn't meant to be The northwinds blow time passes by so slow And in my weary heart it'


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