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Haemorrhage - A Cataleptic Rapture
Midnight at the Cemetary the Ghouls of Gore are back Obnoxious and Corpsegrinder look for some preys tonight They tear apart the gravestone Unearthing without care Reopening your coffin They think y
Haemorrhage - Aftertaste Of Putrefaction
Hungry and exhausted I need something to eat but I won't eat a single piece of rotting meat I drink my own urine and ingest my fetid excrements My bowels are empty I'm forced to eat some human flesh
Haemorrhage - Anatomized
Surgical dissection On nameless remains Weird tools cut asunder Exposed insides The nauseating stench In the morgue Is umbereable Icecold cadavers Spill their guts On the table Incised epigatrium
Haemorrhage - Cadaveric Metamorphose
Necrotic plasma in cellular decay Rotting enzymes, autolysified remains Fetid pyosis oozing thru the flesh Brooding parasites, ebullition in the dead Disintegrated, and decomposed As maggot munch-meta
Haemorrhage - Cirrhoetic Liver Distillation
The festering hepatic fibrosis Swollen liver fermented day by day septic Ichor smells like liquor Vital organs in alcoholic decay ...Bile not Wine ...Pus not juice Extracting the poisonous fluids To
Haemorrhage - DecomPosers
Six feet down rot sets in Putrefactive bacteria (Grows) under the marbled skin Acid liqid liquids and enzimes are released Self maceration by stale corpse fluids Deteriorated corpse... by necrosis Reb
Haemorrhage - Deformed (Grave)
Wired by the smell of death As your end is drawing near He make yo cry he make you bleed But you feel no fucking fear God won't wake you from your sleepBanished from life the stinking air Drastic suff
Haemorrhage - Dilacerate The Sweet Diabetic Diabolism
... If I can't have my food I'll have her arteries Devouring in love Give me your blood My digestive sytem poisoned by sugar Glucose is the mania, internal sweet collapse Like at sadistic torrent dia
Haemorrhage - Dissect, Exhume, Devour
Early at mourning I go to the morgue I have my breakfast on a dismembered corpse Dissecting its organs whistling as I work Beholding my carnage, I delight on gore I love my profession as mortuary techn
Haemorrhage - Dying On A Mass Of Chyme And Rancid Excrement
Down in the Carnal Abbyss... Dying in this putrid place Pale dissected bodies rot... Minced, disemboweled and partially defleshed Dying on a mass of chyme Floating on a mass of rancid excrement Fear
Haemorrhage - Ectopic Eye
Embryonic lesions deformed my face Eye-socket is empty but my vision remains Repulsive images I can see with it Pathological scenes from an internal trip Where is my eye? My ectopic eye? Where is my
Haemorrhage - Enshrouded In Putrilage
Disintering rotting carrion Posthumous secretions flowing out Manifested Livor Mortis Autolisyfied tissues breaking down Exhuming corpses Enshrouded in Putrilage putrescent embalment oozes frm their r
Haemorrhage - Expectorating Pulmonary MucuPurulence
Consumed cartilage, absorbed mucous membrane Internal Haemorrhage flowing from your airways Desperately you gasp - ripping vocal cords A repulsive sound - crepitating snore Cavernous stertot ... Agony
Haemorrhage - Exquisite Eschatology
Suctioning out the faecal detritus Absorbing coproemetic grumes Picking up excremental samples Bear the fetor of rectal fumes Fragments of alimentary matter Contained in the yellowish sludge Survivor
Haemorrhage - Far Beyond The Forensic Pathology
For many years I worked in the morgue Human body has no secrets I'm the explorer of the rotting flesh And perversions without limits Far beyond!!!!!!! Pathology!!!!!! Fanatic expert on anatomy My di
Haemorrhage - Foetal Mincer
Deplorable carnage on embryonic rests A livid stillborn dismembered in scorn Sprawled placenta splattered womb Amniotic liquid spurts from her cunt Avulsed testicles put into its mouth Strangulation b
Haemorrhage - Formaldehyde
Bloodstained hands Bloodstained walls Dissecting is funnyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! I can't stop my addiction to rot Narcotic effluviumssss!!!!!!!!!! [1] Injecting... Injecting - bursting my veins Injecting...
Haemorrhage - Fragments (Anatomical Relics)
Desecrating - digging up th grave I search in the coffins for my loathsome preys Recollections of a macabre work Fragments of the corpses in my private morgue Eviscerating - innards I remove Then I ex
Haemorrhage - Grotesque Embryopathology
Ugly and deformed, breeding into the womb, Monstrosity, shapeless mash of limbs Severe malformations disfigured the child Embryonic displasia defaced him within Gristly stillborn, floating into his tom
Haemorrhage - In Nephritic Blue
Macerating in cellular reject Toxic liquids are deadly retained Incrustation of crescent nephrite poisoned cruor urocemic fomite Nephrosis... In nephrotic blue... The color... Of my dead tissues St
Haemorrhage - In The Name Of Sanity
far beyond the bounds of the medical profession where lunatic inmates are the victims of the sane When illness is health, medicine becomes perversion Emotions distorted by the therapy of pain medical d
Haemorrhage - Incinerator Of Cadaveric Leftovers
Mutilated body parts autopsied human pieces Portions of sectioned bowels full of fetid feces Septic wastes from the morgue must be eliminated Piles of putrefying remains will be incinerated ... Corpses
Haemorrhage - Putrescent Necromorphism
The purulent epitaph sulpted in neoplasm Sores of the cadaver carved without qualm Multicystic innards suppurate Putrefaction makes your stinky fate Premature facial necrosis Mortified scarfskin Carn
Haemorrhage - Putritorium
Welcome to my Paradise... The fetid Putritorium Where autopsied cadavers are left to rot Tons of Decomposed Flesh rotting in this inferno The Fragrance of the Dead infests the air ...Putrescent Rests
Haemorrhage - Rectovaginal Fistula
Vile faecal decline across the festered anal tract Intestine necroses, anus turns sticky and black [1] Innards rupture by the efforts of defecation Vagina fissure a fine way to evacuation Menstrual blo
Haemorrhage - Set The Morgue On Fire
Night has come, It's the right time to escape They are slept...they will never awake Dark Revenge...I will destroy this place Burn it down and run away!! I'll finnish this insanity Incendiary hate ins
Haemorrhage - Slaved To Dismember
I never will confess you the disgusting things I did Obnoxious dissections postmortem carnal sins... Sick forensic duties left some sequels in my mind A sickening addiction... unquenchable urge to grind
Haemorrhage - Surgery For The Dead
Once again I dreamed of rot Macabre visions inside my bloody morgue Rigidness... Rigor Mortis I'm obsessed by dead bodies I exhumed them for the autopsy I just live for this moment The surgeon mask c
Haemorrhage - Treasures Of Anatomy
Dealing with Anatomy! satisfy my morbid Greed Everything inside the corpse my pleasure and my joy Stealing fragments from the dead Extirpated limbs from hell Clandestine economy Cadavers is all we n
Haemorrhage - Via Anal Introspection
Penetrating with my cathether Desecratiing cavities Landscapes of peptic ulcers In a panaromic view Occular exploration Contemplation is my vice (The most) disgusting evisceration Is beautiful to my
Haemorrhage - Wirness Of Postmortem Violence
Through the Keyhole A Bloody Scene I behold A Brutal Orgy of Gore is performed behind this door Surgeons destroy with malicious joy Dismembering fest on Splattered rests Flying organs Hacked Arms,
Haemorrhage - Worminfested Cavities
Parasites of rot Dead Flesh Davastators Cadaveric plague Life from putrefaction Munching the entrails Devouring the eyeballs A colony of Grubs Swaems into the rectum Worm-infested cavities Worm-


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