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Hades - A
You've all the answers to how people should all live their lives Well if you show me a wretch who does what he can to survive Then I'll, I'll show you resistance, you call it a shame We are the ? Now d
Hades - Colorblind
What are you looking at What is the matter Are you that high upon the social ladder Divide and conquer, you got it right Just trust the differences between black and white I wear my uniform, you wear
Hades - DeterMyNation
They tell us to wait, yeah we'll wait but for how long Keep us quiet, dismiss our ideas but for how long Let's concentrate and reevaluate The economy's sunk and we've all got to pull together to raise i
Hades - Doubt
He only sees what he wants It serves to fool and distract him While slowly everything's haunted, cursed and stained His temple that was his home Showed itself as mere cold stone To finally feel all al
Hades - Legal Tender
In God we trust But You're not God You make and break all the rules Land of the free But nothings free 'Cause even when you win you lose LEGAL TENDER Resist success You know you'll have to pay the
Hades - Masque Of The Red Death
[inspired by the work of Edgar Allen Poe] [I. Red Death] It was a time when life was short Long devastated was the land Never had there ever been A more fatal plague against all man Pungent pain, sud
Hades - Nightstalker
See the child, pentagram in hand There's nothing that can stop him Psychopathic mind, misdirected wrath Towards all who dwell around him But they'll blame it on us And our music Throats and faces sla
Hades - Rape Of Persephone
I've been around forever, watching, waiting She was the one Took what I wanted, what I longed for With no remorse Rape, in the night To defile the pure, it takes a soul that's dark and sure Power mad
Hades - Resist Success
Defeat our purpose But just which fate is worse? How long can we go on? We cannot sell ourselves We'll take it on our terms No easy path to resist success You sell out, cash flows in Your sickly gli
Hades - Second Degree Sleepwalking
I hold vexations back inside of my mind Like a dam, denying frustration, a way out The pressure builds [CHORUS:] At night while my mind slumbers off at rest so deep Hatred guides my steps as I walk i
Hades - Sweet Revenge
See his memory fade Wife and daughter raped and killed one night Life's rewards erased Only one thing to look forward to He wants his sweet revenge Stalking lifeless streets Target waiting for him un
Hades - The Cross
Night calls upon my betrayal Morn sees me denied three times Believe in God, believe also in me I am the way, the truth, and the Life The truth I leave within you You Judas, hear your fate and then ca
Hades - The Leaders
Death has come to here We're burning badly Filth up to my ears We're screaming mad And I would like to know exactly Just what you have planned for us to do You claim to be the leaders Well who the h
Hades - The Other
You've been crashing down ? But then we'd all know what if something ? to entice us even more ? The ? is yours sometime to spite in disguise Where your deepest fears and secrets hide [CHORUS:] Demon
Hades - Throughout Me, Threw Out You
Love you, is what I do Need you, desire in my blood for you At first, I had control For my worst distinguished feeling to be bold [CHORUS:] Syringe pulses into my veins Eyes roll back I'm in love aga


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