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Grateful Dead - Alabama getaway
Thirty two teeth in a jawbone Alabama cryin for none Before I have to hit him I hope he's got the sense to run Reason those poor girls love him Promise them anything Reason they believe him He wea
Grateful Dead - All new minglewood blues
I was born in the desert Raised in a lion's den I was born in the desert Raised in a lion's den Oh, my number one occupation is stealing women from their men Well, I'm a wanted man in Texas, busted ja
Grateful Dead - Alligator
Sleepy alligator in the noonday sun Sleepin by the river just like he usually done Call for his whisky He can call for his tea Call all he wanta but he can't call me Oh no I been there before and
Grateful Dead - Apollo at the ritz
Grateful Dead - Beat it on down the line
Well this job I've got is just a little too hard, Running out of money, Lord, I need more pay. Gonna wake up in the morning Lord, gonna pack my bags, I'm gonna beat it on down the line. I'm goin' dow
Grateful Dead - Bertha
I had a hard run Running from your window I was all night running, running, running I wonder if you care? I had a run-in Run around and run down Run around a corner Run smack into a tree I had to
Grateful Dead - Blackthroated wind
Bringing me down, I'm running aground Blind in the light of the interstate cars. Passing me by, The busses and semis, Plunging like stones from a slingshot on Mars. But I'm here by the road, Bound
Grateful Dead - Blues for allah
Arabian wind, The needle's eye is thin, The ships of state sail on mirage, And drown in sand, Out in no-man's land where Allah does command. What good is spilling blood? It will not grow a thing; Tast
Grateful Dead - Born crosseyed
Seems like I've been here before, Fuzzy then and still so obscure, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye. And I don't want to see anybody cry, Meet me some mornin' in the sweet by and by, by and by, by and
Grateful Dead - Brokedown palace
Fare you well my honey Fare you well my only true one All the birds that were singing Have flown except you alone Goin to leave this Broke-down Palace On my hands and my knees I will roll roll roll
Grateful Dead - Cold rain and snow
Well I married me a wife, she's been trouble all my life Run me out in the cold rain and snow Rain and snow, run me out in the cold rain and snow Well she's coming down the stairs, combin' back her ye
Grateful Dead - Crazy fingers
Your rain falls like crazy fingers Peals of fragile thunder keeping time Recall the days that still are to come Some sing blue Hang your heart on laughing willow Stray down to the water Deep Sea
Grateful Dead - Crowd sculpture
Grateful Dead - Dire wolf
In the timbers of Fennario the wolves are running round The winter was so hard and cold froze ten feet neath the ground Don't murder me I beg of you don't murder me Please don't murder me I sat
Grateful Dead - El paso
Out in the West Texas town of El Paso I fell in love with a Mexican girl. Nighttime would fine me in Rose's Cantina, Music would play and Felina would whirl. Black as the night were the eyes of Felin
Grateful Dead - Foolish heart
Carve your name Carve your name in ice and wind Search for where Search for where the rivers end Or where the rivers start Do everything that's in you That you feel to be your part But never give yo
Grateful Dead - France
Way down in the south of France all the ladies love to dance kick their heels up in the air snap their fingers for romance While the gentlemen compare blonde or black or auburn hair check the motion a
Grateful Dead - Friend of the devil
I lit out from Reno, I was trailed by twenty hounds Didn't get to sleep last night 'till the morning came around. Set out runnin' but I take my time A friend of the devil is a friend of mine If I get
Grateful Dead - Hell in a bucket
Well I was drinkin' last night with a biker And I showed him a picture of you I said, "Pal get to know her, you'll like her Seemed like the least I could do. Cause when he's chargin' his chopper Up an
Grateful Dead - Here comes sunshine
Wake of the flood, laughing water, forty-nine, Get out the pans, don't just stand there dreamin' Get out of the way, get out of the way, Here comes sunshine, here comes sunshine. Line up a long sho
Grateful Dead - I need a miracle
I need a woman 'bout twice my age A lady of nobility, gentility and rage Splendor in the dark, lightning on the draw We'll go right through the book and break each and every law. I got a feeling and
Grateful Dead - If i had the world to give
If I had the world to give, I'd give it to you Long as you live, would you let it fall, or hold it all in your arms? If I had a song to sing, I'd sing it to you as long as you live, lullaby or maybe a
Grateful Dead - Jackaroe
There was a wealthy merchant, in London he did dwell He had a Beautiful daughter, the truth to you we'll tell Oh the truth to you we'll tell She had sweethearts a plenty, and men of high degree But n
Grateful Dead - Let me sing your blues away
Gonna hop in the hack then turn on the key, Pop in the clutch, let the wheels roll free, Not a cloud in the sky, such a sunny day, Push in the button, let the top ten play. Come on honey, let me sing
Grateful Dead - Little nemo in nightland
Grateful Dead - Magnesium night light
Grateful Dead - On the road again
Why I married me a bad girl, tell you the reason why Bad girls will even do things on the sly Look for your supper to be good and hot She never even put a stew bone in the pot She's on the road again
Grateful Dead - Picasso moon
South of Market in the land of ruin You get all manner of action Tinsel tigers in The Metal Room Stalking satisfaction. They got 'em packaged up for love and money Tattooed tots and chrome spike bunni
Grateful Dead - Ramble on rose
Just like Jack the Ripper, just like Mojo Hand, Just like Billy Sunday, in a shotgun ragtime band, Just like New York City, just like Jerico, Pace the halls and climb the walls and get out when they blo
Grateful Dead - Riverside rhapsody
Grateful Dead - Rosa lee mcfall
Out on the lonely hillside in a cabin low and small Lived the sweetest rose of color my rosie mcfall Her eyes were bright and shining and her voice was sweet to me Knew that I would always love her and
Grateful Dead - Shakedown street
You tell me this town ain't got no heart. Well, well, well, you can never tell. The sunny side of the street is dark. Well, well, well, you can never tell. Maybe that's cause it's midnight, in the dark o
Grateful Dead - Sparrow hawk row
Grateful Dead - Standing on the moon
Standing on the moon I got no cobweb on my shoe Standing on the moon I'm feeling so alone and blue I see the Gulf of Mexico As tiny as a tear The coast of California Must be somewhere over here - ov
Grateful Dead - Stella blue
All the years combine, they melt into a dream, A broken angel sings from a guitar. In the end there's just a song comes cryin' up the night Thru all the broken dreams and vanished years. Stella blue. S
Grateful Dead - Sunrise
Gazing at the fire, burning by the water Before he speaks the world around us quiets. With eyes as sharp as arrows and turning to the fire He clears the air and cuts it with a feather. Many in a ci
Grateful Dead - The music never stopped
There's mosquitoes on the river Fish are rising up like birds It's been hot for seven weeks now, Too hot to even speak now, Did you hear what I just heard? Say it might have been a fiddle or it could


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