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Gandalf - Dark Memories
Convulsions, silent tongue I ask you not to speak Tomorrow I will learn erase my memories Past, darkness rose Crying tears within Happiness, lost emotion Pain, no more Dark... Old... Memories Behi
Gandalf - End Of Time
My future is somber, And so are my eyes, When the lights turn on, This marks the end of time, The choice of a new generation, Is choking in my mind, But something new borns, When something ol
Gandalf - Eternal Fire
I rule my world, I am immortal, I'll show you where, The light is to be found, It gave me life, I never thought existed, A greater ride, Than ever before, Who needs a god?, If you are in
Gandalf - Fade Away
Now the ghouls are back on the streets, Capturing new victims and starting to feast, The lost souls haunted eyes show shame and guilt, Soon fresh blood is set to spill, Dressed in disguise, They
Gandalf - Forlorn
Now enter the hall of infinity, where is no light of day In this darkened tomb of misery I walk through this haunting daze I'm out of it, I'm out of it, in these eternal tears of pain Divine interventio
Gandalf - The Cradle
Have you ever asked yourself What am I doing here? Life is hard but it can be an enjoyment As long as you treat everyone's life fair So if you want to rock a cradle Then be sure it's thine If you wa
Gandalf - The Dragon
Higher - I wanna be on the top of the world Forever - I try to get higher than before How do we find the thruth? - by searching for solitude? We sail away from our souls - as we run away from God In my
Gandalf - Violence Feeds Violence
Do you have an answer to my question? Why we have to kill Do You have a solution to my problem? Why we suffer eternally Violence feeds violence Let's start a holy war Dreams become nightmares Who's


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