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Gamma Ray - 18 years
Sometimes I ask myself, "Is this the life I want to have?" Are you still satisfied with the situation That you've had for many years now? Time is movin' on your childhood is gone But you don't realiz
Gamma Ray - Abyss of the void
Somewhere in the desert of the void Beyond the wall We're the last survivors We're the ones who'll never fall Men inside the circle leave the night! Darkness all around us Not a single beam of light
Gamma Ray - Afterlife
Do you believe in the afterworld Or the afterlife? Do you agree there's a place for us Beyond our life Where the timeless call for life Is lost and you will see The forgotten dreams That you once ha
Gamma Ray - All of the damned
One time in life is all I need, to satisfy my senses Delusions of reality are tearing your defenses I never tried to catch the rainbow, But in the end I have a dream... All of the damned will be we
Gamma Ray - Anywere in the galaxy
Staring out the window at places in the starlit horizon I'm waiting in the darkness for arrival but the sands of my time are running low Lost and stranded far away from home Peeping through window
Gamma Ray - Armageddon
Now all you sinners this is the prophecy the revelation of your own destiny you had a dream once A dream that you have sold and now my brother annihilation is foretold Will you remember ancient tim
Gamma Ray - Beyond the black hole
I have come from so far away From the sunlight of my home And I have seen it's the only way Now my sun is dead and gone I raise my head in silent anger Seems there is no place for me The only way o
Gamma Ray - Brothers
My life, not yours Is that alright no fight I don't wanna quit it No way, is that okay No don't you dare, don't you dare to touch it with your fingers You sneak around, pull me down Gimme no, gimme
Gamma Ray - Fairytale
Now my friend it's time for you To break the spell Your heart was torn in two And somebody revealed the wall... Now we stand together Our fight is to be free We never will surrender We ride acro
Gamma Ray - Farewell
Do you remember How we used to play like kids in the sun Nowadays, there's no light to see And we're feeling cold So the time has come To say farewell my friends My fate is calling loud Now I know -
Gamma Ray - Father and son
Did you ever want to worry Did you ever wanna have a doubt? You wanted the best for me, Somehow things went wrong. And it tore us apart. Did you ever think it was so easy, Thought my time was runni
Gamma Ray - Future madhouse
In the morning your try to recover But you still got the red in your eyes Then you get up and look at the mirror And you see the beast arise Got a big red nose from the overdose And somebody else's ey
Gamma Ray - Gamma ray (edited version)
The world's desperated with irony, hunger and corruption The eastern world and the africans, too Are going to repeat the history of all wars And our industry supplied them with arms Everybody knows but
Gamma Ray - Gardens of the sinner
As the heat is rising, out there in the past Fallen angels calling, they have come to last they are coming out of the dark Then the horsemen ride out every thing groes cold now their armies march in
Gamma Ray - Gods of deliverance
The sun goes down in the western sky The shadows are gonna return I wander alone through the back of my mind The twilight of moon starts to run How can I see beyond existence? I'm leaving in to the
Gamma Ray - Heading for tomorrow
Time has passed in the modern world Where the madmen live and speak their word. Life in hand they deal with god Put a trademark sign up on everyone. God bless the children, freedom is their word. Fr
Gamma Ray - Heavy metal universe
We're the masters of the wind We're demons left in howl we're the undefeated warriors we have heard the call We're the keepers and the leaders of the only thing we love we're the saviours and prot
Gamma Ray - Heroes
We can win, we can lose We can swallow the bad news In the end we all know Our life is just a show Everybody plays a game and in our hearts there's hidden our real face Who is the man who says I'm
Gamma Ray - Insanity and genius
Therefore I'm laying down in laughter Mighty, the mightiest life hereafter The trip we started hasn't finished here And while we think there's not a shade of fear Black points jump in crossing lines
Gamma Ray - Land of the free
Somewhere in the desert of the void Beyond the wall We're the last survivors We're the ones who'll never fall Men inside the circle leave the night! Darkness all around us Not a single beam of light
Gamma Ray - Last before the storm
Who's controlling all the misery and pain When the error signs are lighted in the masterhall And from the start the action is in vein Cause the beast is always careful to avoid the fall We crawl up t
Gamma Ray - Look at yourself.
I see you running, don't know what you're running from. Nobody's comin', what'd you do that was so wrong. Look back and turn back, look at yourself. Don't be afraid, just look at yourself. If you n
Gamma Ray - Lost in the future
Atomic fallout scans the sky Another place where people die And with a massive final punch We left a world of pain And now pollutions everywhere Another death is in the air A million people left al
Gamma Ray - Men, martians and machines
From out of space we came on to the earth From far away on solar beams A dying race to find survival here For our kind to plant our seeds Our analysis of the atmosphere Was good and so we touched th
Gamma Ray - No return
I'm riding the wind, don't need your request You'd never invite me but I will be your guest Oh no, no don't be afraid of the reaper It's time to go I call your name and you follow Fly with me Take a
Gamma Ray - No stranger (another day in life)
I see a hole in the sky But don't ask me why I'm so down and lonely No one will understand why There's a voice in my head And I know it's the only I see the children play, with fire in their eyes A
Gamma Ray - One with the world
ONE WITH THE WORLD Music: Hansen, Wessel/Lyrics: Hansen Do you think there's a chance For this world to live in unity as one? I can try to believe But I feel it's like a view into the sun. Blinde
Gamma Ray - Rebellion in dreamland
Voices are calling from somewhere bellow melting on the eastern shore Rain is falling down on me, been waiting for eternity... I?ll be there! Freedom for us all! And I wonder why, why my heart stil
Gamma Ray - Return to fantasy
Searching every day, looking every way Trying to make a connection, to find a piece of the action Like the hungry poet, who doesn't know He is close to perfection, choice is the question Moonlight
Gamma Ray - Shine on
We drive, we drive, we're riding on through the universe We've come to reach our destination planet earth We come, we run, you cannot see us, flying in our spaceships, shooting 'cross the sky We explor
Gamma Ray - Short as hell
So now we talk about destruction a human race that's left to die nobody ever will believe it until we face it eye to eye Let us talk about hell Our future shines in darkest colours you'll never c
Gamma Ray - Somewhere out in space
I'm trapped in a castle of illusions out in space, - no more illusions - Out on a journey, on a mission for the human race Terrified, I had to realize that I've been talkin' to the gods of fire I got
Gamma Ray - Space eater
You know who I am, I show you a land Where you can be free, can get your relief. Space is all yours, desires come true, Love of your life waitin' for you I got no time for wasting all my day, Come o
Gamma Ray - Strangers in the night
We lay our souls into your hands and our freedom remains we ride on wings of hope and our star will rise again Run before you die can't you hear the warning no regrets tonight - now your end is com
Gamma Ray - The cave principle
I crawl across the floor never see the light Only shadows on the wall Somebody said there's reality behind But I'm afraid to turn and fall - oh no Set me free - for eternity And now they talk abou
Gamma Ray - The winged horse
In a land, far beyond the sun Rules the darkness, faceless magician Black towers which raise into the sky Castle of tears, shadows passing by Blood is covering the mighty walls Of those who lost the
Gamma Ray - Time to break free
Where will you be tomorrow? Really I don't care I have seen the future, rising everywhere Look into the mirror, tell me what you see Piece by piece you'll vanish Until you disappear! Now I'm doing
Gamma Ray - Wings of destiny
Do you remember the days when living was meant to be free not looking for fortune not looking for fame the beauty of life was the key We lived as one to conquer the world a thousand dreams to come


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