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Galadriel - 1848
This time, you will not grave the hate That grew in our hearts for many years... for long years... These words did sound in all the land These words shattered one mighty world Our truth persisted long
Galadriel - A Horned Man
A horned man, a blazing helmet With a cooper and brassy shine In reflections of rays in the moonlight He danced faster and faster Blaze of Embelishments and arms Pride and Solitude - grief and Delight
Galadriel - Acheron
The past has enslaved that all We built for the future life Through an endless age of twilight We tried to regain our pride Strangers ruled us by the divine right Mastered our fate just as they liked
Galadriel - As Your Body Burns
The symbol of lies and suffering Nailed to the cross With empty mind you embrace its feet And rise your eyes up to heaven Your cry is the consequence of your view Just watching the world is dying by y
Galadriel - Blindness
You think the time will stop for now To find out what is happening around That strange look of those blind eyes In faces of this rushing world You think you are free all the time But there are thousan
Galadriel - Dowina
Twilight haze embraces horizons Where the rivers of our past still flow Let the cold wind blow in your heart And let the water become the blood of your own Time is written into walls of stone Just sta
Galadriel - Fear In Their Eyes
What for a fear in their eyes I see When they stand alone, lonely before the gate of the death What they fear, What for they cry Who prisoned their souls, who kills them... eternal night! How many veno
Galadriel - In The Garden Of Lost Shades
Blood on the crying engraved name Hot like my memories Black stone down in my pain Dev in eyes of my tears Blood on flowers of deads Lost shades are sleeping in the dark There's no wind in my face C
Galadriel - It Ends When The Moon Loses Its Face
A bizarre picture of the death That paints with the blood In the canvas of your face It ripples in the whirlpool of a dance Your palm's in the gesture Of the last minute of life It cools mine You ri
Galadriel - Lavondyss
The fire burns in the land of the bird's spirit The smoke flows of my bones, I have to go there... That childish hand discovered the masks in the wood Those bright eyes saw hooded figures, smashed - th
Galadriel - Lost Paths Of Unicorns
A breeze is tearing down the leaves of the trees (That are) falling asleep in the colors of Fall Again, I can hear that strange beat of the Earth That melancholy neigh and sorth of the nostrils The str
Galadriel - My December
Raven's eyes are staring at me While flying in the wind Bright, white pearls all around me Magic's in (hearts of) the trees My December - deep inside of me My December - my heart of beauty (I'm the)
Galadriel - On The Wings Of Gwaihir
Return from oblivion... Embraced by the flames I fell down, I fell in desperate anger Into those nameless deeps Out of time, out of any apprehension Through black paths of Khazad-dum Through my own f
Galadriel - Rivers Of Olivion
(There is a) strange quiet in crowns of trees Only raindrops break the silence Beauty of naked fairies In the darkness of infernal dance Those touches of their lips And bodies luring you But you feel
Galadriel - Strokes Of Desire
In the Lilies, naked, and the rain Is falling at me, at my trembling skin In the flames, in desire's web I feel you, Opium in my dreams Sister of flowers, as darkness falls at you At your innocence, a
Galadriel - Strong One Against The Storm
The coldness has blown, Tallis felt the flames She apart aside leaves to the other side She beheld a lying warrior The birds were gathering around Stone faces had to shelter him She had to stop all th
Galadriel - The Evening And Then Came The Night
Sorrow was falling in the rain and tears There was night when your eyelids fell down Your eyes were closed And dew ran through dust of hopes Voices were calling into your mind Throwing down meaning of
Galadriel - The Flower And Dark Butterfly
I'm flying through the dark meadow Among ancient feeling of my love I'm looking for roots of my flower I feel its odour near the wood The moon's hovering over level of the lake Silver light caressing
Galadriel - The Forest Lullaby
The forest is within me and I am in I'm the birds' singing above my head And the wind what sleeps In crowns of trees I've noticed her strange dance of a nakedness Just green ornaments Ornaments on he
Galadriel - The Remembrance
Find an escape from this terrible condition Burning memories rule my mind I feel down, repulsive chaos is in my dreams Living agony as your face withered Withstand this unjust world Nameless, hopeless
Galadriel - Thorns
Bleeding wounds inside my heart Nothing to see through my tears Everything ends by the grave None of you know what I feel I'm following the rain As I'm falling to the ground... What does my grief mea


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