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Gabrielle - Dreams
Move a step closer you know that I want you I can tell by your eyes that you want me too Just a question of time I knew we'd be together And that you'd be mine I want you here forever Do you hear wha
Gabrielle - Falling
How could I know when I first met you I was falling in love, never wanting to Cause out of the blue you went my way So lost for words, don't know what to say It's a craving Feels like in misbehaving
Gabrielle - Give me a little more time
You try your best to show me that you really care Y'said if there were days I was lonely to call you, you'd be there You try your best to convince me that you understand And if I ever need someone to ru
Gabrielle - Going nowhere
Right at this moment You're feeling insecure I don't want to hurt you baby You've heard it all before Your eyes reach out and say Don't want to be hurt again Give up yourself to me I'll ease away yo
Gabrielle - I wish
You don't know what you do to me Sometimes I find You knock me off my feet Oh how I wish That we could be alone Oh how I wish to me That you belonged I often watch you When you're least aware Ev
Gabrielle - If you love me
how can I love you, when you're not around you wanted it all and then you let me down you made me promises, you know you never keep how can I ever show you loyalty why is it that you always make a fuss
Gabrielle - Out of reach
Knew the signs Wasn't right I was stupid for a while Swept away by you And now I feel like a fool So confused, My heart's bruised Was I ever loved by you? Out of reach, so far I never had your h
Gabrielle - Over you
From the moment that we met I knew that we would connect Your eyes had told me that somehow We shared a history Feeling fearless I took a chance Couldn't let the moment pass I felt that fate had p
Gabrielle - Rise
I know that it's over But I can't believe we're through They said that time's a healer And I'm better without you It's gonna take time I know But I'll get over you
Gabrielle - Rise by gabrielle
I know that it's over But I can't believe we're through They say that time is a healer And i'm better without you It's gonna take time i know But I'll get over over you Look at my life Look at my he
Gabrielle - Should i stay
Here I am, waiting for a sign, I never seem to know If you want me in your life, where do I stand I just don't know I never feel I know you 'Cause you blow hot and you blow cold, it seems I've grown at
Gabrielle - Sunshine
Made a wish, I can dream I can be what I want to be Not afraid to live my life And fulfil my fantasies I learnt a lot of tricks to help me live my life You helped me find my paradise When you came
Gabrielle - Tell me what you dream
She turned the key, opened the door Was he there she wasn't sure She didn't want to fight no more She had good intentions In that moment face to face She saw the look upon his face She held him in
Gabrielle - Walk on by
If you see me walking down the street And I start to cry, each time we meet Walk on by Make believe that you don't see the tears Yes let me grieve in private 'Cos each time I see you I break down and
Gabrielle - When a woman
Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, de: Early in the morning My friends already calling Ready for a party They're just getting started Wouldn't miss it for a moment My heart's already stolen Heard


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