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G Dep - Blast off
[G. Dep] Yeah... Yeah, me and my man's and them We gon' blast off Bad Boy nigga, and we don't stop Come on to the top, blast off Yeah, yo Aiyyo, I take it up top for my peeps Cracks in they Jeeps
G Dep - Child of the ghetto
Yo, yeah, yo Uhh, uhh, yeah, yo Uhh, uhh, yeah, yo Uhh, uhh, G. Dep!
G Dep - Danger zone
[background ad libs by P. Diddy] (Danger) (Danger) (Ah ah ah) (Danger) Today is the day we ride, you's a made your whole fucking family by This is how we ride, see me, smoking that seaweed Y'all g
G Dep - Everyday
A yo, I walk down the block with my stomach in knots Spent time hustling, running from cops Broke as a joke, no ends at all Can't play ball and my Timbs is small Can't buy trees with government cheese
G Dep - I am
[Kool G Rap] G Rap with my nigga G-Dep We about to do it Gorilla style, u heard It's a Igloo-Badboy collabo thing u know Y'all niggaz ain't ready for it Coming rambo style nigga 2 guns up Y'all nigg
G Dep - Keep it gangsta
[G. Dep] I got enough flows to spit, they cold as shit Give you what you supposed to get, to close ya lip I got enough O's to get, and hoes to hit Try to stick ya nose in shit, get froze and stiff. Ta
G Dep - One way
[G-Dep Talking] Come here man, You lookin for beef [smacking sound] Get the fuck over, yea You thought I wasn't, yea hehehehe Yea look at me, look at me nigga Come here, know one thing nigga
G Dep - Shit happens everyday
[G-Dep] Listen... I'ma tell you straight like this Word up! Listen...
G Dep - Special delivery
[Verse 1] Yo, this for my niggas, though, special delivery Spit like this, get my wrists all glittery Get cake, snakes get slithery Lean in, show y'all the meaning of chivalry Rap ruler, you could ask
G Dep - Special delivery (remix)
[Intro: Ghostface Killah] Fuck the whole industry!!!! You tried to get rid of me!!! Y'all must be kiddin me!! Y'all must be kiddin me!!! ay yo fuck the whole industry!!! Come on!!! Staten Island! Come
G Dep - The ride
[Verse 1] First off, how you gon' come off All this rap shit, get done off Man listen this a passionate mind I come thru, gun drew splashin a rhyme Wet dat, dead dat, cash on the line In an orderly f


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