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Fatal - Everyday
[Airplane]- Taking off [Singer]- Uh no, everyday in every way Verse one Gettin' paid, never caught in a raid you get sprayed, prayed over and laid down pump wit the pound, how that sound death b
Fatal - Getto Star
[Tame One] Wait'll niggaz hear that Tame and Fatal got down and made it straight from Uptown with six sacks and this track that's in the background Stop stressin from the chest up, we messed up off tha
Fatal - I Know The Rule
Verse one I blow'em over wit the club scene try don, for my nine thousand thugs in the clubs, that love green, one step behind Hussin, dogs the don, me and I'm well bomb on ya kind, like Vietnam agai
Fatal - Intro
[After about a minute of mixing] [Bomb explosions, gun shots] (You know what you be?) [Fatal] You be like the type that come at me And shoot one at me, Tryna set it, Then get another nigga to dead i
Fatal - M O B
Verse one I'm livin' in hell, where all these niggaz got stories to tell, I be blasin't on these bitch niggaz servin' well, and the company I keep, be the scum of the earth body tated, hair matted, sel
Fatal - Take Your Time
[Singer]- Take your time young thug. Verse one PYT, poor young thug, ? To hit a nigga wit a slug, wormin' around town lookin' for this bitch to fuck, and if she can't hang she can get the nut, ti
Fatal - The World Is Changing
[Singer]-oohhhh(hold note) [Voice]- Tell'em where you come in, tell that fake nigga where you come in [Singer]-oohhhh(hold note) [Voice]- Yall bitch niggaz is jealous, I see a whole bunch of suckers
Fatal - Whats Ya Life Worth
[Bell] [whispers of Outlaw] [Fatal]- Yall muthafuccaz don't wanna die stop all that bull shit frontin' and all that talk a real nigga will pick the time, to go what Verse one Kadafi like the lyr


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