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Faerghail - Behind A Sinful Shade
It tears you inside like a razorblade Hiding behind a sinful shade Revealing the secrets you wanted to hide The darkest of nights when something died Hunt you down, shall drive you insane Meet your ma
Faerghail - Blood Will Follow Blood
No good will ever grow in me For hate and anger is all i feel Trapped in your lies for so many times, now feel my hatred and my burning eyes I want to see your every single tear As i color your life p
Faerghail - Daughter Of The Storm
I see the sky turning into dark While the day is giving it's final mark Shadows grow longer beneath the trees As black curtain spreads all over me And i know this is the time i've been waiting s
Faerghail - Dying Memories
Oh, how move the shadows like years passing by As one stands alone whom time left behind For years ago this dweller of night Held hunger of blood and death inside Oh, how move the shadows like years pa
Faerghail - Faerghail (Where Angels Dwell No More)
Over gardens of time towards the frozen shore You'll find a place where angels dwell no more A kingdom once stronger than all Land so glorious and mighty destined to fall Burned to ashes thrones set al
Faerghail - Horizons Fall
A distant sound of war raging on When sun has set beyond the golden horizon A thousand times thousand painful cries Why god we are victims of your betrayal and lies Across the plains with torches in ha
Faerghail - In The Arms Of A Nightmare
Wardrum pounded and signed the hordes Battalions gathered and prayed their lords The war started and lasted years Pain was there but they hided their tears Death in the woods and bombs in the air It s
Faerghail - Kun Veri PeittA A Maan
...Kun veri peittää maan, aseet kohti vihollista nostetaan ja isänmaata puolustetaan, kunnes viimeinenkin mies kaadetaan ...Kun veri peittää maan ja vedet värjää punaisellaan kosto kuolleiden pu
Faerghail - Masked For Death
Skin so cold as the october sun A murderess veiled in black Her dance like the flaring flames Once enchanted me with her embrace Forevermore and never to fade Her quest to burn in a fiery shade She w
Faerghail - Rain
Every day is another rain A dance between pleasure and pain And every night is another death A disturbing dream of hate and regret Shadows are dancing without a shape Through the vast lands of murder
Faerghail - Silver Moon Child
At night and every day I wonder what her mind could tell We play our own forbidden game I'm a hunter and she is my prey At night and every day I wonder what her mind could tell We play our own forbid
Faerghail - Strife For Blood
Through the land we rage like thunder With swords of steel we come we conquer Caring not shall we rise or fall Pure in hearts as we follow his call Our fate... The kingdom by the wolfen gate Strife f
Faerghail - Suicidal Rites
At night you dream of its cutting edge Awake to see as your blood runs red Living to die, life flowing out of your vein At night you dream of its cutting edge Awake to see as your blood runs red A sui
Faerghail - Summer Sadness
Living nighttime, a girl in the dark Child in misery a child with a sorrowheart Like whispering words Summer sadness called her blood Where all cold and dark unite She was there, cold gave her life A


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