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Factory 81 - 14 Left
Right Right, i've been so good so you are. Hide my enemy. I, have suffered. In, they're right. No one helps me. Knee at yourself and watch you rock it with your pop again. Back at yourself, r
Factory 81 - Cheese Wheel
I can see, I'm, not free. I, believe, in no one, but me. All eyes, on me. Pointing, at me. Falling, you see. Your words, deceive. Chorus: And I say what I want to say, Doesn't matter what y
Factory 81 - Diary Of A Serial Killer
Written by Nate Wallace Suddenly I stood in the hallway while the wind unleashed its anger upon my back. the cold 20 shadows lay long on the slightly lit scene. As dusk turned to night the eyes peered at
Factory 81 - Ephedrine
Written by Nate Wallace Watch you watching me & I catch you watching me & you empty inside me, just to watch me bleed. I see your footsteps bend in my mind as shadows stomp their way down my spine. I try
Factory 81 - Nanu
I follow the sun down Until it hits me And I'll bring it back now For all you to see... Now! We've been crucified Just to cover a lie That would burn down my life Now! You will sit there and try
Factory 81 - Peace Officer
Check it, check it out Factory 81 cutting their first full length Here's a little message about the fucking pigs: Hey you find yourself, you're walking down the street Every corner you turn you're
Factory 81 - Rotten Strawberries
Written by Nate Wallace He ran fast with every ounce of he had as the girl made her way into the street. All at once images flashed through his mind. The day that he crumbled his clothes tattered & strain
Factory 81 - Sludge
Written by Nate Wallace The human race is still immature. Taking beauty & making unpure. It's not just the fault of the perverts & freaks you also must blame the pastors & priest. All of their sermons & p


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