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Face Tomorrow - 72 DPI
one mind, two words yes sir, I've heard you should tell me three times, for good oh, I can't believe it, that you would stay, even if i told you to go.. ...away. away... and our thoughts will never be
Face Tomorrow - Are You Sure
i am braking all my rules and promises by feeling what i'm thinking forcing myself to be in control of what i'm saying when i'm drinking and now there is time to stop and read all the smaller parts wi
Face Tomorrow - Equation Unequal
I fear this empty house the loneliness devours silence fills the room but what replaces you it made me fully understand that time cannot be bend don't explain how you have figured out a way to handl
Face Tomorrow - For Me
would you share all your differences or would you close all your doors which are locked without any code even if they're using force try to face you and i fear this decease i have within me tucked aw
Face Tomorrow - Live The Dream
maybe you still fear for what you like most what feels so close You try to ignore this locked up feeling, you miss the meaning watch out 'cause you can't deny it's your heart without your disguise it's
Face Tomorrow - Past
break every moment we had smile back at old needs throw all the misery out let's plant some new seeds it's over, just leave it alone and lean back give it a rest just let it pass 'cause it is so ha
Face Tomorrow - Saved
a choice is made a life is saved and no one really noticed the chance he had but never used 'cause he did not focus is this what you want now is this what I get now I just wanted you to know my na
Face Tomorrow - Steering Wheel
it is your turn to throw the dice again make up your mind and move your piece ahead what would you say if I bend the rules a bit come on and play this mindless game and when it all comes down to make a
Face Tomorrow - Wasting Time
I am wasting time, I realize I can't control this rage I'm telling you for one last time that it's not just you who changed using a masculine tone, I'm screaming out loud on my own waste it all, break i
Face Tomorrow - Worth The Wait
50.000 ways to make another one of your mistakes tearing down what we build up tell me when it's gonna... stop the time that we let pass for reasons we can't understand maybe it's a little late but


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