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Face To Face - 14 Hours
14 hours to go And the waiting's almost done When I get back home You're going to be the only one Staring at the lights or staring at the sun Everyday another fight or ill to overcome Another d
Face To Face - AOK
you think that I'm invincible it's going to pull me down you think that I'm invisible it's going to pull me down it's somewhere I don't want to go it's ok you think I'm indestructible it's going to
Face To Face - Best Defense
You haven't heard a word of what I said I'd give anything to get inside your head You act as if there's nothing left to say I guess everything is easier that way I know that you don't want to think abo
Face To Face - Big Choice
big lies surprise you've thought of everything it builds your character you know no way ok so what's the price you pay? too late to realize you're broke do you think that everything worked out? it
Face To Face - Bikeage
running out of time again where did you go wrong this time? when your problems overwhelm you go get drunk it's party time take a quaalude, relax your mind relax your body too! run from problems but
Face To Face - Bill Of Goods
Try to convince you that you can't live without one Hey look around man everybody's got one So hurry up get your dollar bills together They're going to try and get you something even better You're
Face To Face - Blind
what if I'm right and you are wrong? what if you knew it all along? what if I figured out that I did not belong? what if it always bothered me? what if I never did believe? would it be wrong if I deci
Face To Face - Chesterfield King
We stood in your room and laughed out loud. Suddenly the laughter died and we were caught in an eye to eye. We sat on the floor and did we sit close. I could smell your thoughts and thought. Do you want
Face To Face - Debt
I don't owe you anything what now? not again you're a person I will never comprehend I've listened I've tried I can't change enough to make you change your mind I don't owe you anything
Face To Face - Double Standard
So what if I'm just a little apprehensive So what if I'm not exactly what I've led you to believe It doesn't mean a thing It's a total lie that we're expected to believe There's no such thing as a
Face To Face - Everyone Hates A KnowItAll
in a flash I'll change the universe or at least the world I knew I'm so sick and tired of watching those who say and never do you're right and this waiting seems to last for hours as I wait impatient
Face To Face - Graded On A Curve
It's a waste of time It's a race that can't be won Call the whole thing off Well that's easier said than done And I try to shut it out And I think I've figured out That it makes no sense to com
Face To Face - Handout
what's it going to take to be done? what's it going to be right or wrong? I don't have the strength left to fight I don't have to make up my mind I know you're never wrong no matter what it takes I k
Face To Face - Heaven
Heaven Is the whole of the heart And Heaven Don't tear you apart Yeah Heaven Is the whole of the heart And Heaven Don't tear you apart There's too many kings wanna hold you down And a world a
Face To Face - Helpless
Another time Time after time You make me feel so helpless I I never tried to change your mind I keep it to myself It's sometimes I've got to tell you Is it this time I'll tell you We've got to g
Face To Face - How To Ruin Everything
There's something wrong with me I don't know if it's not just inside my head It feels like I'm walking through a dream I still remember what you said I know that everything will be alright It's g
Face To Face - Just Like You Said
And now that all is said and done It's kind of hard to hold my tongue Because you still don't believe you're wrong I'm not so sure what I would say If I could talk to you that way You wouldn't underst
Face To Face - Ordinary
now you've made it up it's all inside your mind now you've given up you don't know what's there if you don't try so you've given in along with all your friends and you're still alone the means don't
Face To Face - Out Of Focus
I knew what I wanted and I was fixed on it I was sure of it, I could've been wrong It seems like it's never quite like I thought it'd be The reality, am I where I belong? It's not like they said It f
Face To Face - Pathetic
it feels like there's nothing I can do it feels like there's nothing left to do always feels like I must wait just a while because anything worth having is worth the wait so it seems that this waiti
Face To Face - Planet Of Sound
One fine day in my odd past I picked me up a transmission I turned the fission ignition Went looking for the broadcaster And when i first touched some ground They simply told me leave Was kind of
Face To Face - Prodigal
he's never going back refuses to be left behind he doesn't understand how they so easily made up their minds you had it in your hands so how is it so hard to find? you still don't understand the rea
Face To Face - Resignation
you can't be right you're full of prejudice and spite you think you've got me pegged but you're wrong out of my way there is a consequence to pay you think you've got me pegged but you're wrong I am
Face To Face - Run In Circles
you are all the same go the way you came different names but very little else has changed difficult to find easy to resign didn't seem to matter when I didn't mind out before it's in everybody wins
Face To Face - Shame On Me
It started out all wrong I wasn't thinking Everything is wrong I couldn't see it I guess I thought that things Would somehow try and work themselves out I'd like to think it's not so easy to convinc
Face To Face - Shoot The Moon
Back in '95 when this was new I guess I didn't have a clue I thought the world would change with the right song So we picked it up and moved it out And turned the whole thing upside down I told m
Face To Face - Solitaire
I'm not so bulletproof But this is something I could never say to you This sometimes buries me And I don't know if this is someone I can be I tell myself it's right Still feels so wrong It's better
Face To Face - Struggle
there was a hint of danger they told him it's ok there was a chance of failure they told him it's alright a false security driven by a weakened state of mind it's calling and calling he had a big de
Face To Face - Sunny Side Of The Street
Seen the carnival at Rome Had the women I had the booze All I can remember now Is little kids without no shoes So I saw that train And I got on it With a heartful of hate And a lust for vomit Now
Face To Face - Take It Back
I won I worked too hard to get it so what? it's over just forget it too much, too soon too late until you realize you've got it made? you're in for a big surprise that's not what I want at all tha
Face To Face - The New Way
You're alright, you're alive, you're the number one They said that you're not ashamed of what you've done Everyone makes mistakes Make it up you'll be OK That's what they tell you You won't get t
Face To Face - Velocity
tell me something that I don't already know tell me how you plan to change the world I'm tired of people trying to tell me what is right I'm tired of people trying to pull me down I know that you might
Face To Face - Waiting To Be Saved
I heard about this story in the news today, About a man who lost his senses, lost his way, About a man who had his will taken away. He took his life but not before he made them pay. So go on ask yourse
Face To Face - Walk The Walk
I could be like you i could be alone and jaded wondern' what to do untill they say and i could be like you angry and intoxicated wondern' what to do to make them pay will i find away (will i find an
Face To Face - What Difference Does It Make
All men have secrets and here is mine So let it be known We have been through hell and high tide, I can surely rely on you? And yet you start to recoil, heavy words are so lightly thrown But still I'


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