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Face First - 1984
It was years ago, the memory I still hold onto is the thought of us two, remember how we, went too quickly, held on tightly but we weren't so lucky. In my driveway, where we parted softly, locked up,
Face First - A Future Like Ours
I've never had something that I would call a future. Forever is just a concept that's never worth thinking. I want something more than this one, I'll take my time this time just to try to find me somew
Face First - Bottle Rocket
Step back, glance at all the things you've done in your time. Step up to the starting line and don't look back. Wake up, don't choke, digest everything you wanna do. You'll never get this chance again,
Face First - Color Blind
I'm falling asleep here in my bed. I close my eyes and just see red or is it green or is it blue? I don't know should I just 'fess up and try to block out the light that's running through my head? I'll
Face First - Couple Of The Month
Could you ever forgive me for all those times I said I'm sorry, and all the times I was never there for you? I wanted to but something held me back from holding you. And I know that things won't be the
Face First - Fourth Floor
A million miles away you seem so far from me. In that time I've see what we could grow to be. Those calls I need from you they serve me like a drug, to hear your voice I think there's no one else that I
Face First - Goodnight New York
The Kodak next to me, is what puts me to sleep, and sends me to a place where you're always there. Through wood bed board I peek, I see me kiss your cheek, I close my eyes and you're kissing my lips. T
Face First - High Tide
Like a dream that will never come true. The blue of her eyes I see through (to me). But those eyes can't catch a glimpse of her in mine. Stare deep in the ocean the waves knock me down. I get up, I don
Face First - Maybe Someday
The slightest whisper of your voice and my whole world comes apart, hoping to wake up not alone, lying here with you. Fall asleep with the radio on, song about you till I'm gone. Set your watch back an
Face First - One For The Road
Awake early morning the sun's shining into my eyes, god don't change it, I could live my life out on open roads now. grab the wheel, floor the pedal and speed into something that's new, something dist
Face First - Sampling Salvation, Baby
Deep mental masturbation; It's a dream world conservation. I'll take some time out for myself, styme sublimation, step into serene sedation. I'll put my problems on the shelf. We are, we're on a crazy
Face First - Surrender To The Clique
Excuse me Mr. Apathy. The guillotine has dropped; another victim of you is what I see. The whole town eggs obnoxiously, forcing you out on a killing spree. It's not enough to spill the blood of those o
Face First - Sweet Dreams Cafe
I think about you nightly, I think of how we might be, I with that I could throw it all away. And maybe start all over, cause we're just getting older, I'm leaving now but I'll be back someday. I'm on
Face First - The Insurect Years
This is something I will never say to you; You've heard it all before. The way I feel about those times that I once cried, a thousand times before. Summer's here and I will never speak to you. These p
Face First - To Whom It May Concern
Thank you for the sleepless nights; I wish I could repay you for them. Thank you for the best years of my life. For this I thank you with these tears. This is my last try now Before I go Don't you se


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