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Face Down (US) - Acceptance
Awaken and I feel sick Like butterflies dying in my stomach Now I cannot sleep The visions creep behind my stare Giving me the reality Of dying in a nightmare Don't say that it doesn't mean anything
Face Down (US) - AntiLife
Get off my back get off my case Shit missed the fan and hit me in the face My car is torn and my clothes are broke down And I'm so broke my rain checks bounce Life is tough now can't you see I got kic
Face Down (US) - Break
So long I wish you well Where I am going you cannot follow I can feel them trying to change who I am I can feel I can feel I can feel them trying to break my will I will not come back But I still mou
Face Down (US) - Broken Song
Desires to live in the past To start all over again When nobody knows and nobody cares And no one is to blame A short distance from Heaven Even though I know it's not the same I think I must be crazy
Face Down (US) - Chameleon
I've tried everything, just to change the pain Fractured dream, and I'm not the same I've lost ability to escape in sleep Hold on a little longer And there's nothing left of me And you said you love m
Face Down (US) - Commonlaw
Ring you neck until it's red and rosy With my fist smash your posies Ashes to ashes our world falls down Feed the poison it tastes like lies Wash them down with the tears you cry Digest this love I'd
Face Down (US) - Far Gone
Open my eyes, what don't I see You don't feel real So you're fake, you're so fake So you're fake to me, far gone Fallen angel, so afraid to fly What do you want, what don't you get If I had died woul
Face Down (US) - Just Like Clockwork
Got mighty convictions, I'm my only help I'm on my own conditions, I only blame myself I try to be the only friend I need To be left alone it came to be That I slip in and out of the me Just past the
Face Down (US) - Legion
Look out over our city streets See the violence below Losers cling to their hallowed ground Only faith that they know Youth collides in opposing prides The body count escalates with no reprise We are
Face Down (US) - Machine
Welcome to the lines Of the meat production chain Meat survival's down Plague death from the disease Still the meat procreates Adds bodies to the flames Lifesex it hungers on Too hungry for release
Face Down (US) - Manmade God
On the eighth day the voice said to me Open your mind and you shall be free Preach the word in a convenient way And you will become like unto thee I ask for nothing but the truth in plain No concealin
Face Down (US) - Motherland
Red angels dance on lips As my mother burns for your sadistic trips I can turn the vision away But the image persists it won't go away You preach like prophets but you say it wrong You fan the flames
Face Down (US) - Pain
And still there comes another sunrise again Clouded by the shades of yesterday Still I feel naiveté's hope for change Memories endured memory remains Peel the skin off this walking corpse Fingernai
Face Down (US) - Psychomagnetic
Insecurity breeds contempt Opposing perceptions of time well spent Your disregard for the way I feel You're all up in your head where nothing's real I must have been a prick in some past life gone You
Face Down (US) - Reject
Forfeit of reason I cannot forgive Dictates of treason Nothing more I'll give Wounds are familiar Scars will never heal Enamored depression Nothing more I'll feel And if there will come a time My
Face Down (US) - Rubberwhore
So now you speak Words and truth betrayed My love and my trust betrayed So take what's yours and I'll keep mine We'll burn what's yours to forget the time When things were said and lies were told Thi
Face Down (US) - Superiority Blanket
You feel the need To draw your lines in your box of sand Condescend on me Just who are you supposed to be There's no one out there as fucked as you The worst of our kind think the way that you do You
Face Down (US) - The Color Of Your Wings
Taste of the life, devour your soul Your boys are now numbers raising the toll You think you're a victim, societies leech Sinned all your existence, white powder you preach Violence to gain, history's
Face Down (US) - The Road Of Good Intentions
Cement shoes to start my downward motion A one-way ticket to the bottom of the ocean Big fish come to check out the commotion Swallow me whole inside this big fish bowl Hell yeah For my sins I suffer
Face Down (US) - Will You
Wild side inside me, takes full control Troubled defies me, it hammers my soul My heart is straightcast, but it has a few holes Which I can fill up faster on the take It takes its toil Will you let me


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