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Face Down (Sweden) - Autumn Scars
[Poem by Jonas Deroueche] How extravagant my shadow, In october five times my height Hence my silhouette's grandeur, A reflection of lost glory Splendid seed sowed in spring, In november harvested
Face Down (Sweden) - Bed Of Roaches
Night, Another night of the damned, Standing at the border to insanity land Dance of the dead in the midnight hour, Touching your cold lips, Shivering of lust Apathetic you stare, Into my infec
Face Down (Sweden) - Cleansweep
God of make-believe In your world Nothing's what it seems Master Of pre-judgement What do you really know about the things we do We know who you are This time you've gone too far The scar run
Face Down (Sweden) - Colors
Look at you now, pathetic and weak Slowly walking down on loser street Bound to live your life without dignity Self-inflicted misery Trust is something that you earn Deceit from trust is what I've le
Face Down (Sweden) - Dead Breed
Like a ship lost at sea, That's all we'll ever be, A suicidal breed, Shaped from this tainted life we live So what can you tell me, That I don't already know, You're already my bottle of pills,
Face Down (Sweden) - Demon Seed
There is a seed set to grow in my soul That burns my heart but leaves my brain in control Screams of pain and screams of fear That lives inside my head So now in different shapes I come to you Smile
Face Down (Sweden) - Embrace The Moment
I guess I am just... Torn between life or silence, As the pain in my eyes becomes to clear Destroyed! By the sounds so empty, Empty as the answer to my prayers God! You're still robbing my cradle,
Face Down (Sweden) - For Your Misery
You want an answer, Well, What do you want to hear, That I think you're special And that I really care? That's where you wrong, 'Cos I'll never be, More than I expect from me! The whole of me d
Face Down (Sweden) - Hatred
Intact is what I am Full weight not missing a gramme Got the power to blow it all away Attitude a part of the game You and me are not the same I'm superior in every way Why can't you see You're wher
Face Down (Sweden) - Holy Rage
Preacher man, judging you again Telling you about your sins He made himself god to say Sinful life is not the way Follow christ the lord of flies In holy wars where people still die So as god fills y
Face Down (Sweden) - Human
The things you tried to make me believe in To live, give, love and forgive I'm trying... Never painless, emotional emptiness I always keep raping myself this way Just darkness, I'm building myself a
Face Down (Sweden) - Kill The Pain
Trying to run from what you are Afraid of being alive Hands shaking body aching The abuse left a permanent scar So now to get by you do whatever it takes You need your reality to hit your veins again
Face Down (Sweden) - Life Relentless
This fraction of time, Will it humble our thinking or laugh in our face Beaten and torn on bruised knees crawling, It decomposes my soul Fall - constantly falling, Call - I'm forever just callin
Face Down (Sweden) - One Eyed Man
I feel strong The power is back It's been gone for so long Trust me, here I come Yeah, the scars in me Came from what you wanted me to be But still I am what I am... My life built on confusion Ho
Face Down (Sweden) - Save Me, Kill Me
Here I stand alone Abused by myself Scenes of suicide Like a solid wall of fear Negativity overcomes Positivity in me Self pity, laughing Screaming in my ears The fuse is lit The fuse that makes m
Face Down (Sweden) - Self Appointed God
A shattered soul born, From a loss of faith, Your empty mind filled, With the wrath of god Now your broken heart, Will never heal your scars, But you'll be saved, From religious starvation As
Face Down (Sweden) - Slender Messiah
He's building a mountain for you You're so filled with your self, Never wrong always right Always the winner in your own little world, Fantastic, Always on top Well, The bigger the ego the harder th
Face Down (Sweden) - Top Of The World
Born and raised under daddy's protective wings, Sheltered from all the ugly things in life But didn't daddy tell you, There are places where you don't belong, Executive seats, In charge of my life,
Face Down (Sweden) - Twelve Rounds
Here they go again, being untrue to themselves It's nothing new, it's all been done before They are not a dying breed More like growing seed With roots choking honesty and truth They are twisting you
Face Down (Sweden) - Waste
This is my diary of broken dreams, A monument over me, Page after page twists my mind with grief What I should but never did, How could I ever be so wrong? Crucified, Upon an empty sandglass, My
Face Down (Sweden) - Weak
Worn out and nothing more to give Who said that life was simple to live The pain inside eats away at your pride The price of friendship is sometimes high But weak, in pain Is where you want me to be


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