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Extreme - Am I Ever Gonna Change
I'm tired of being me, and I don't like what I see, I'm not who I appear to be So I start off every day, down on my knees I will pray, for a change in any way But as the day goes by, I live through
Extreme - Better off dead
I heard your mother died Just a few days ago And tears fill your eyes with grief and sorrow Cause you to question why because you don't know If there comes a time when we all, when we all must go
Extreme - Color me blind
I had a dream, Last night I was blind And I couldn't see Color of any kind Picture the world, minus a rainbow When day becomes night, then where will the sun go Dancing alone, just me and my shadow
Extreme - Cynical Fuck
today don't look so bad compared to tomorrow if time is all we have then we're living on borrowed yesterday's for fools who try to remember the good ol' days weren't always that much better cynica
Extreme - Decadence Dance
Francis! Francis! Be careful! Trying so hard to keep up with the Joneses Running a rat racing won by our noses Always put one foot in front of the other And dance to the beat of the dacadent drummer
Extreme - Flight Of The Wounded Bumble Bee
Extreme - Get The Funk Out
If you don't like what you see here Nobody wants to take you prisoner So let me make it nice and clear dear The exit is right there I don't mean to be rude dude But you'd better change your attitude
Extreme - Kid Ego
Come down Hey kid, I'm talkin' to you What am I supposed to do You know that you're something special That's something you already knew Hey kid, got something to say But you won't listen anyway I am
Extreme - Leave Me Alone
as for this song i'll set the mood there's nothing wrong prefer solitude alone to think of what i don't know the deeper i sink the further i'll go nothing to fear no need to hide i'm already ther
Extreme - Little Girls
It's not fair what they put me through Please tell me what am I supposed to do Why do I get myself in this situation There must be some logical Answers why I rob the cradle Can this be love or just in
Extreme - Midnight Express
Extreme - Monica
Look at Monica walking in her sleep Look at Monica running through the fields In her dream, so serene Monica, Monica Hush, don't you say a word Did you see the smile she made today? Look at Monic
Extreme - Naked
so you want me to take it off just to see what's underneath my cloth i'll show you i'm every inch a man measure all that you think you can i'm more than what meets the eye flesh 'n' blood is ofte
Extreme - Never been funked
Never Been Funked I ain't trying to make no political statement I ain't trying to tell you the news of the world I ain't one to give intellectual realness I just want you to want me the way that I do
Extreme - Our father
Oh Daddy please, take me with you where you going Oh Daddy please, come find the time, come watch us growing Oh Daddy please, don't leave there's so much that we want to know before you go I'm
Extreme - Play With Me
Ring around the rosie Hopscotch, Monopoly Red light, green light G. I. Joes and Barbies Hide and seek, kick the can Cowboys and Indians Wiffle ball, paper dolls Hacky sack and hangman Do you wanna
Extreme - Politicalamity
Wars 'n rumors Of wars, no one knows what for Toys and soldiers Deployed, on some foreign shore Lords and rulers Destroy, diplomatic rapport Communists, dictatorships Democracies, hypocrisies Ask n
Extreme - Pornograffitti
Sex! Sex on the brain Pumped in my veins Flowing from my head to my feet Sex on TV Rotation heavy You and I are what we eat Sex when I'm all alone It calls me on the phone Can't stop this ringing
Extreme - Rest In Peace
Let's talk of peace, Sounds so cliche A novelty, catch phrase of the day Middle, index, Sign of the time Just as complex, As water to... Someone said give peace a chance And, that's all that we're
Extreme - Seven Sundays
One day we'll find the time to spend, together until then, My Love IF I HAD ONE WISH IT WOULDN'T BE HARD TO CHOOSE SEVEN SUNDAYS IN A ROW CAUSE THAT'S THE DAY THAT I SPEND WITH YOU Someday soon,
Extreme - Shadow Boxing
last round looks like i'm in for a fight knocked down there is nowhere left to hide stick 'n' move when i try to run away old one two i only end up face to face mirror mirror getting clearer it's
Extreme - Song For Love
I lie awake with open eyes My love just died I'm cold inside Can't face the thought to be alone All by myself on my own Love's come and gone I look around and see The hearts that still are broken I
Extreme - Stop The World
All the world's a masquerade made up of fools and philosophers Were it to rain on our charade, all washes away, except for our true colors If any people bothered looking for truth, please, STOP T
Extreme - Suzi (Wants Her All Day What)
Suzi (Wants Her All Day What?) Sexy Suzi Losing all her sleep Feeling ver hungry She's got her tongue in cheek Sweet and sour A bitter tasting treat It's the only flavor I think she likes to She l
Extreme - Tragic Comic
Flowers, I sent, were found dead on their arrival The words, I said, inserted foot in my mouthful So when, we dance, My lead it ain't so graceful (Isn't so, not ain't so) I'M A HAPLESS ROMANTIC ST-
Extreme - Unconditionally
so tell me what can i do that you couldn't see through from the very start there is only one thing yet to come from my heart loving you, unconditionally loving you, unconditionally that's what i wan
Extreme - Warheads
Hey Kid, wanna have some fun? Choose a side and here's your gun Brought up knowing right from wrong, squash the meek, inherit the strong Just try and cross the line, Don't even bother to waste my time
Extreme - When I First Kissed You
New York City can be so pretty From a bird's eye view Because up there Yeah, that's where I first kissed you A modern day romance A perfect performance Acting like two fools Saying silly things Whi
Extreme - Where are you going
I don't know where I'm going But I do know where I've been I wonder if I'm growing Forever chasing wind I've got to keep on moving Destination still unknown The more I keep on looking The more I fee
Extreme - Wind Me Up
I've got something that you ought to know Don't even know whether to come or go Up down head's spinning around Wind up in the lost and found Wind me up, Wind me up Wind me up, Wind me up Wind me up,


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