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Evthanazia - Intro
[Instrumental] [By Bobrovich Vitaly]
Evthanazia - No Longer Forces
[1] No longer forces World turned to black aches Plague's trace in every home Today we live tomorrow we're gone No longer forces Nowhere to run fire surrounds Massed death Infection creeps the agon
Evthanazia - Overdose
[1] Syringe in vein the overdose Death agony of flosh and soul A pleasant quake the mind is mist Life goes away the drug you feel Overdose blood wants it again Minutes off you feel the end Uina a sl
Evthanazia - To Lose The Mind
[1] To lose the mind at full-moon night To set one's home on deansing fire Down with everything made you go mad Let you shoot kight between your eyes To lose the mind is way in tears Derastated world


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