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Ensiferum - Abandoned
Sing for your tears a song of the hatred No one can hear 'cause your life is forgotten I want to give my life to you but my will is tied with puppet strings I am fighting and screaming alone inside
Ensiferum - Eternal Wait
Over the Forgotten sea Voice of angel is calling for me Somewhere, where the mountains collide That's where I'll find my new life I have carried this burden so long for you that nothing but sorrow I f
Ensiferum - Guardians Of Fate
Race with the wind The night is ending They will win when the sun is rising Stories have been told for years about the rebel man riding in the lands of unknown No one has ever seen their furious bein
Ensiferum - Hero In A Dream
A witch read from the palm of his hand that his life would turn into darkness and alone he would face all demons from his past that he tries to forget An elder king warned of the dangers that lie in t
Ensiferum - Intro
Ensiferum - Old Man
So much farther off than time could reach Today it would be too late So much despair he has bled but will he wither away No one knows that you must keep this Old Man wide awake 'cause the nightmares
Ensiferum - Token Of Time
Harvest the field of time with the old man's scythe The narrow path of the chosen one reaches beyond life I set sails for the ageless winds No fear of dying or a thought of surrender I threaten every
Ensiferum - Treacherous Gods
The Land Is Silent... Before The Storm! On the vast fields of snow, the wind is blowing strong With it's frozen cold and relentless touch it leaves a dead and hollow land of ice I have seen through the
Ensiferum - Windrider
He appears from the mists of a dismal lake and the sky crumbles as he flies through the dimensions alone The night has laid a cape on his shoulders and with a grin on his face he attacks with his loyal


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