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Enchant - Acquaintance
When I spoke with you today I didn't know what to say It's been so long, so long I said I'm doing fine But what haunts my troubled mind Is where it all went wrong, so wrong I did not suspect That we
Enchant - Below Zero
You won't hear me laugh,you won't hear me cry You won't even hear what I'm thinking I can't even speak ,I'm too weak to try Surprised I'm even still breathing Like winter's icy touch ,I'm... Cold,so c
Enchant - Blind Sided
This is the ending of an age,the closing of a chapter that Was just beginning... Battered senseless, this is not what you deserve Stripped and left defenseless, this is not what you deserve Stabbed and
Enchant - Distractions
Standing alone in a crowded room ,he hears it A voice so familiar,not unlike his own,he fears it His name being called out from across the room, but he can't see He's willingly blindfolded starting towa
Enchant - Enchanted
There's an aura around you I'm captivated by your eyes I can't believe that i've found you Why am I so starry eyed? I once lived with honor Followed codes of chivalry But I can't help but falter Und
Enchant - Fade 2 Grey
Just another day,I go about my business I start to shave in my ordinary way Nothing has changed, yet something is different Ah yes-- It's my birthday today My skin feels a little tighter The razor bit
Enchant - Foundations
No quarter shall be called Loud his cries echo by,like a river's endless flow To wear away the stone and carve his life like a knife The scars he'll never show... Broken dreams shatter the still I'm i
Enchant - Hostile World
I sit in silence here alone An agony I've made my own An empty chasm in the dark Is where I choose to hide my heart Something that I've lived with ,for so very long I've never had an interest ,in what
Enchant - Interact
Can you look into my eyes before I look away? Can you catch my gaze? Can you see what's deep inside a lost and lonely man? Can you understand that I wear a mask of fear? I cannot be betrayed,that's why
Enchant - Look Away
Standing looking in the mirror Wondering who it is I see The face seems so familiar But it doesn't look like me Something is changing ,something's different A foreign look behind my stare I feel fran
Enchant - Mettle Man
Save us from ourselves,our creations march against us, Overwhelm us As the men of metal lead us to our final hour [Music: M.Geimer] [Lyrics: D.Ott]
Enchant - Missing
One who's scorched by the fire,I stand alone brazen-faced Love's become an open fumace,my follies stoked the fireplace Blind to the peril around me,my resistance wearing thin I fell prey to the power of
Enchant - Open Eyes
Take a look outside your window And tell me what you see Does everything look fine to you? It seems the air is a litle hazy And the grass is much too green What's this world coming to? I see you have
Enchant - Pure
I look into a sea of blue in your eyes And see a full and swollen moon Resplendent in a stormy sky I look through your gaze, its source is pure and uncorrupted And see a wilderness of dunes, untouched,
Enchant - Standing Ground
In spite of earnest dreams we're broken In spite of arrogance we're humbled For all these stubborn minds we compromise Through all of the rose gardens let us walk Without prickling thorns Through gold
Enchant - Under The Sun
All I see, fruits of my own labor All in vain, all for nothing real All I taste, disappoints in flavor What I know is fighting what I feel This is no time to be distracted Time lost can never be regai


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