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Eloy - A broken frame
face that shaped dreams lost in a broken frame colour is fading but for now seems all the same the smile i loved in the mornings now miles away once restrained and then winning once so open and next
Eloy - All life is one
I am part of the sun and the sky and the heavens above Move where the rivers flow fly with the breezes forever And the earth and the sea and the hills and trees They're a part of me All life, all life
Eloy - Appearance of the voice
Pulsating fear, surprise my ear, so come here you are jittery, please trust in me, my dear Take your time and come aside to green light I loose my time, I'll disappear with daylight A tiny gate that da
Eloy - Atlantis agony at june 5th 8498, 13 p.m.
And so the gods decided: great is the fear for you, when your eye takes the field against those who tried to raise against you. Make your eye go down and strike the mutineers with disaster. The eye s
Eloy - Awakening
Empty hall imminent bounding cold black stones strangely surrounding the first touch of mornin' light I feel a strange vibration any sign of reincarnation? Did I loose my past beyond the night? Sunbe
Eloy - Awakening of consciousness
Out of the silence - astral enlightenment melting the spirit - into existence past recollection - resting in silent subconscious chambers - never remembered Spirit and matter unite to create mortal lif
Eloy - Carried by cosmic winds
i'm carried on by cosmic winds like a grain of sand. it seems as if some higher force led me from the first. but finally i feel like a part of some larger plan; i'm a piece of this puzzle that's cal
Eloy - Childhood memories
Before my eyes pictures appear from long ago but still so clear With skies of blue wind in my hair we shared a moment without a single care I still remember one summer's day she held my hand to
Eloy - Decay of the logos
Overbearing secular creature my worshipped king king of wisdom and pain! You are the one, the mighty one ruling so wise you're the universal sin! Guardian of justice offering help favorite vict
Eloy - Destination
Since ancient history it's been a mystery why we can't escape from the force of our destination We turn another key but still we fail to see every move we make is a part of our destination Wh
Eloy - Dillus roady
Let me tell the story from "Dillus Roady" who is the one we need he's our crazy music fan and works hard each night when we play when he's coming through the door he's crying for gin and more he's tall
Eloy - Dreams
Close your eyes, you'll feel paralyzed Colour shapes and shades all mingle Suddenly all seems so bizarre Faintly still you hear your heartbeat Is it just an illusion? or a mainline infusion? We
Eloy - Fatal illusions
Religions sell salvation making promises hard to keep confusing the mind with contradicting beliefs The modern way of thinking seeking refuge in a material world where everchanging values are giving r
Eloy - Fire and ice
The values you believe in the dreams you're living for once more are shattered by thunder distorted pictures appear steered by an evil force that's slowly dragging you under a living nightmare wakes
Eloy - Follow the light
A glow on the horizon so near and yet so far A rich and vivid sunset, the marker of our time See the light, feel its warmth See the glow, which fills the sky A light with magic powers which penetrates
Eloy - Illuminations
A star spangled sky is my roof tonight the forests are my covers moon man the watcher with eye so bright gives shelter like a brother Birds wake my mind as dawn paints a flame coloured skies dream cu
Eloy - Inside
sometimes stay alone dream like a child of all the seasons pictures and fantasies moving on and on in my mind all the time, all the time but the dreams are gone then reality is near I take your han
Eloy - Journey into 1358
In this lonely room Where my father plays with science On some hair-brained scheme He lives in a dream But he can't do much for me now I've spent all my life Eating knowledge at school Driven hard
Eloy - Madhouse
Madhouse - isolation Madhouse - in desolation A house of silence during the day seems bewitching How everyone stays away no one dare to go near Madhouse - night-time nearing Madhouse - lights appear
Eloy - Magic mirrors
follow a faint reflecting light to the core of all consciousness; that mirrors what is not in sight, or lost somewhere in carelessness. thought in it's purest form, focused here's reborn. leading to h
Eloy - Memory flash
Your lily-white skin bleached the sky my tongue grew bigger then and dry your loveliness destroyed my fear when once your fervid lips caress my ear. That was a time when I felt free now disappointing
Eloy - Mutiny
Your father told me I can stay But he mistrusts my unfamiliar ways: He wants to use the things I've learnt Six hundred years of knowledge sorely earned But if we can stay together, I don't mind the th
Eloy - Mysterious monolith
an awesome glow that shines through the sky attracts me strongly like an obscure shrine. strange magnetic object that i seek, pulls me further up to its peak. mysterious monolith, you hide the truth;
Eloy - Paralysed civilization
Salvation out of sight a piercing gold inside obscures the astral light expanding alienation a fatal transformation Minds caught in space and time await the final sign deceptive visions shine a fad
Eloy - Plastic girl
She lives in a plastic, plastic world She talks in plastic, plastic words I must have been wrong When I thought she was different Because her lips and her eyes Seemed like a sea of delight She whispe
Eloy - Rainbow
Life is just like a book so we turn a page We are caught in a time of furious rage If you're feeling down Feels like you will drown: Fly! On the rainbow And your dreams will come to life On the rai
Eloy - Return of the voice
I'm blind I hide behind my raving tear you'll find your mind inside my hollow ear my eyes staring throughout my opened head so rise and fight against face and time space and rhyme. You are the one I
Eloy - Ro setau
Deep in the desert treasures of wisdom left by wise men thousands of years ago Tormenting questions awaiting answers sensitive minds crave for discovery While approaching now the millennium's turn
Eloy - Sphinx
surpassed celestial gates of light, i left the worldly spheres behind; into atmospheres unknown to the planet of silence. ancient tales have told of sphinx on his throne, create an aura unique. his
Eloy - The bells of notre dame
It seems like a dream that's come to an end But it still carries on, I don't know what to think, it's unreal The world seems to start outside of my body I don't know what I feel. In these four hallowe
Eloy - The last in line
Visions in decay shadows on the wall in world of desolation No one cares about the future nor the past a superficialist generation On a journey of no return we're surpassing the gates of hell still
Eloy - The stranger
I'm walking down a street with no end An evening wind is blowing cold Ethereal tune a radio voice Alone in the heart of the crowd What's in the air the feeling they share Looking full of hope Oh no n
Eloy - The sun song
What kind of sound, I think I can hear a lily-white lily calling she seems to yearn to darken skin and hair I really know, without her force you would be falling you wouldn't need to breathe my sinne
Eloy - The tides return forever
Visions appear to the dreaming heart temptations seduce till all's torn apart and they fill the mind with thoughts of hidden treasures The excitement about wakes the power inside every step of the way
Eloy - Today
It's six o'clock still in bed to my dismay people are hurrying though the town they work all the day saving their pay to bay themselves into a better life I stagger out of bed and wash my aching head
Eloy - Voice of revolution
I'm sure, the time will come when we shall overcome there's no more hesitation for the sun will greet the day I know you get your morning people are near ready to hear trying to understand you you


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