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East West - Blame
Won't you come with me To a place I like to hide To a place where I can slumber against the fall of this world Who you gonna blame Everywhere I go Gotta find someone to give the abuse Gotta pass off
East West - Brutally Wrong
Kicked and stabbed along the way, planning for the hour. Revenge a method, one of many to consummate the change. Why, what could you ever gain? Nothing it seems except being lame. What, what could yo
East West - Carpe Noctum
East West - Down
Hiding behind the walls that I've fashioned here in hindsight, Keeping up the mask of the lies that have scarred my life tearing apart my flesh, for my flesh I feel this killing spree Now that you've
East West - Drink Me
Shallow pictures of the way that it was meant to be. Set the standard so we think like that. Open up your eyes. Normalicy is what you think you’re living in. Time to see yourself for who you are. Ti
East West - Dwell
Head hurts back here again, I painted the walls, the cracks remain, and I fear, to close my eyes, become accustomed, so dig in. Every time, I breathe this air, the sick stench, never seems to
East West - Envy
I watched you fade away, into a sea of taillights. My eyes still strained to this day... Evidence of who we were, left here along the way. I see the truth in the tree. I’ll free you, fall away
East West - Everything
Here I m, a broken man down on my face, once again and I have seen this place so many times before so you won't pick me up and turn me right side out. And when I turn my eyes on you, your my everything
East West - For Every Wish
Watching from the shadows, stealing all that’s left. Great deceiver, (so) beautiful. Fading moments, passing like years. Wish everything was perfect. I’m all I’ll ever need, s
East West - Hey June
Hey June, I can't believe you going away again this far. Hey June I can't take much more of this at all Cause life was meant to be so much more than you are... Hey June, I didn't hear you come in late
East West - Murderer
Waiting in a corner standing. Playing out the best case. Your pleasure is nearing. Hunt them. Get away. Hurt them. In a moment madness reeling. There’s no one watching now, the innocence dyi
East West - Reason
What if I don't really care, What If I don't want to know, What if I don't really see this, What if you're another lie, What if you're a fake to me, What if I want to see you bleed, I've got my, Reas
East West - She Cries
Won't you come away with me tonight? We can fly past the moon and the starlight, It doesn't matter where you've been before, On a night like this, It doesn't matter where you've been before, I'll love
East West - Sydwinder
I'm always filling my mind with all this porno lit, treat the woman I love like a degenerate, I got to give it up I'm getting sick of it Sydwinder, It's on the ground Sydwinder, It comes unwound Sydw
East West - The Final Say
Gather around to hear the future. Wonder what or who it will be. Rumors fly of the possibilities, everyone is taking a chance. And I know, when everything’s said and done, in the end, nothing they s
East West - The Great Facade
Lost among the rind, the wastes of space, the ones we hold so high... Something’s different here, maybe the air, maybe a different look; a smile. ...Your eyes are so... Heard this once before,
East West - Thorn Of Rage
Living like a dog, among a swine, among a trough full of slime I want to puke on all the times they pissed me off, don't give a slam about a thing, they wanna fight, I'm gonna cream another punk b
East West - Vacant
The night bleeds day, with every breath I take reality brings, bright eyes, smooth skin. So what is left from this, a bottle of broken self. In a moment it’ll all be gone, til the next time when


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